WWE News: Bayley Frustrated At Not Getting Called Up To Main Roster

The WWE had a tall order when the WWE Draft came around. When the company was focused on one product and both brands has each superstar wrestle on both on any given week, it wasn’t a worry where wrestlers were going. If they had plans in place for you, it was on WWE Raw. Now, a brand split is in effect, and things are different. Before the draft, a lot of WWE fans had their fears. After two weeks, it is looking like the WWE Draft was a success.

As far as being even across the board, that was never going to happen. WWE Raw is the flagship program that everyone associates with when professional wrestling is brought up. SmackDown Live has its perks of being on Tuesday and by it not being the big show they count on for revenue, younger stars can get a chance to shine. Imagine the WWE if Edge, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, or Kurt Angle didn’t have WWE SmackDown to branch out on.

Edge Retirement WWE
This year’s WWE Draft saw six WWE NXT stars get drafted to the main roster. Finn Balor highlighted the new recruits ready for the big stage. He’s already going to main event SummerSlam for the WWE Universal title against Seth Rollins. American Alpha is set to take over SmackDown Live as the presumed new tag-team to win a new championship. There were a few more sprinkled in there, but the shocking pass on Bayley surprised most WWE fans.

They aren’t alone in being shocked, or even frustrated. Bayley spoke with Chris Jericho on his podcast, Talk is Jericho, and said it was frustrating not going up to the main roster.

“I think I’m getting more towards [frustration]. When they first went up, I was so excited and just like, ‘dude, I’m just so happy for you guys – if you guys can mold the division and make it easier for me when I get there, like, go for it!’ and I had things I wanted to work on here [in NXT]. I had to be the champion and like being able to work with a lot of the younger girls, which I think has been great for me that I wouldn’t be able to do if I moved with them. Like, I think I’ve learned more in this past year than I have in, I don’t know, just my whole career because I have to work with all levels of people… but now, I think I’ve done what I can and especially after WrestleMania [32] and saw their amazing match and the new Women’s title, I’m like, ‘dude, this is where I need to be. So now, I’m pretty, like, ‘alright, let’s do this!”

Even though the former-NXT Women’s champion isn’t on the main roster just yet, that will change presumably very soon. Daniel Bryan confirmed Tuesday that a new Women’s title is on the way for Smackdown Live. The blue brand is in need of a face to run their women’s division, and Bayley is the one to do that.

Becky Lynch is outstanding, but she needs someone else to sell tickets with. Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Naomi, and Eva Marie are good compliments to Lynch, but she cannot do this alone. Bayley is that perfect No. 2 for that division. This writer believes she will get brought up full-time after SummerSlam. Bayley has a date with Asuka at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.

WWE NXT: Asuka
In previous report by the Inquisitr, plans were in place for Bayley to stay on the main roster. However, plans were changed clearly. She came up at WWE Battleground for a one-off return to help Sasha Banks. That will not be the last time WWE fans see Bayley. Just be patient and perhaps these WrestleMania 33 rumors will happen.

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