Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ Movie Canceled? Fans Were Hoping To See Lesbian Elsa

Millions of fans are eagerly waiting to see Frozen 2 in 2018. However, recent news suggests that the most awaited musical sequel is in danger as Disney has officially decided to put the project on hold.

According to GameNGuide, the studio has decided to shelve the awaited film as the sequel is facing some serious delays in production. There were earlier reports that the movie’s storyline was already in production. However, the absence of plot details and further delays only strengthen the speculation.

Even Kristen Bell, who gave voice to Anna, stated that the franchise’s writers are still fussing over the story’s idea. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bell further stated that the delay in the film is because they want it to be perfect.

“We haven’t started recording, we’re just waiting to get our hands on the script. They take a lot of time over there to just perfect it, and it has to go through a lot of development to make sure that it’s exactly the story that needs to be told. I hope we start recording soon.”

Apart from the speculations of Frozen 2’s possible release date, the issue of Disney creating an LGBT character has also become a topic among the fans. The idea of turning Elsa into a lesbian was first presented by Feminist Culture founder Alexis Isabel Moncada. She took to Twitter to suggest that with Frozen 2, they should bring their first lesbian queen.

After tweeting #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, she penned an article for MTV News. Moncada revealed that when she was growing up, all she witnessed was those stories where a charming prince comes and saves the princess from all the evilness, but not once did she see a woman saving another woman and falling in love with each other.

“The entertainment industry has given us girls who have fallen in love with beasts, ogres who fall for humans, and even grown women who love bees. But we’ve never been able to see the purity in a queer relationship.”

Several LGBT believers and movie lovers retweeted Moncada’s tweet and expressed their own wish to see a queer relationship in an animated film.

Even Frozen’s co-director Chris Buck also seems to support the idea of a lesbian Elsa. During an earlier interview with MTV News, Buck revealed that the when kids watch their films, they learn something from it. The writing team is surely going to use the platform of animated movie to talk about social issues.

“When the kids [watch] them, they watch them over and over again, and if we don’t have a decent message in there, I think we’ve missed an opportunity.

Despite all the rumors, Disney’s social media team took to Twitter to announce that Frozen’s sequel is in making and the Buck and Jennifer Lee are helming the project. At the very same time, Disney did not reveal any possible release date.

Meanwhile, Master Herald has recently confirmed that a Frozen holiday TV special movie will air around Christmas time next year. The online outlet further revealed that the film will be directed by Emmy award-winning directors Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers-Skelton and will be produced by Big Hero 6 producer Roy Conli.

The special TV film will be the first Frozen project that will not be helmed by Jennifer Lee and Buck.

As for now, none of the representatives have confirmed whether Disney is planning to cancel Frozen 2 or not. At the same time, Elsa officially becoming Disney’s first lesbian queen is still not confirmed.

Do you wish to see Disney portray LGBT issues via their animated feature films? Do you think this is the best way to teach kids about different sexual preferences? Tell us in comments.

[Image via Disney]