WWE News: Could Eva Marie’s Mysterious Leg Injury Be Part Of Storyline?

The WWE Universe has developed a hatred towards diva Eva Marie unlike any other, and it has nothing to do with her character. In all honesty, Eva is a horrible wrestler, terrible performer and constantly screws things up inside of the ring. Last year, WWE made the decision to send Marie back down to NXT to work with ex-WWE Superstar Brian Kendrick, only to call her back up to the main roster during the WWE Draft two weeks ago.

Eva ended up being selected on SmackDown Live and on the July 26 edition of the show, Marie was part of a promo featuring fellow divas Naomi, Carmella, and Alexa Bliss. Eva Marie, Carmella, and Alexa Bliss were all just recently called up from the NXT roster during the WWE Draft.

Like normal, Marie didn’t really do anything great in the promo other than show off her insanely good looks. It’s those good looks that have carried Eva this far in the WWE and it’s a big reason why fans aren’t big on her act.

On last night’s edition of SmackDown Live, Marie got an even bigger opportunity as she was scheduled to have a match against Becky Lynch. After her entrance to the ring, Eva climbed up on the second turnbuckle to salute the fans, but when she jumped off back into the ring, Marie apparently did something to her leg.

As you can see in the video, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of reaction from Eva Marie right away. It’s not until she starts to walk it off that she slightly grabs for her hamstring area. The incident has led many to question whether or not this “injury” is real or part of a storyline that the WWE is about to introduce us to for Eva.

The referee ended up calling for a trainer and the match between Marie and Lynch never got started.

Needless to say, Lynch wasn’t happy about the perceived “injury” and took to Twitter to voice her displeasure about Marie.

Pratyay Ghosh of Sportskeeda speculates that this is the beginning of the WWE turning Eva Marie heel. For all of the hate and disgust that the WWE fans have thrown her way over the years, Marie has never been thrust into being a heel. Ghosh believes that there’s a chance for Eva to become one of the “most hated heels in the history of women’s wrestling.”

If Marie was ever going to have success in the WWE, this was the route she was inevitably going to have to go at some point. She just doesn’t have the in-ring skill level of the other divas and she’s not overly talented on the microphone. With fans already loving to hate Eva, it just made too much sense to finally turn her down this path.

It’ll be interesting to see this storyline develop over the coming weeks. The talent level on SmackDown Live isn’t near the level of Monday Night Raw therefore the creative team needs to be much stronger on the Tuesday night show. If Eva Marie and the writing team can successfully make this transformation, it would be the best thing to happen for her career.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]