Ariana Grande Goes Incognito At Disneyland, Reunites With Ex-Boyfriend

Ariana Grande visited Disneyland but managed to avoid the crowds, according to the Daily Mail. The “Dangerous Woman” singer sure knows what to wear to stay away from the public eye.

Although Ariana Grande is one of the most recognizable pop stars in the world, she kept her face covered and avoided large crowds of fangirls and fanboys at the Happiest Place in the World.

Ariana Grande went to Disneyland with rapper Mac Miller, a few of her friends as well as an overly-protective giant bodyguard and a pair of visors while out in the Anaheim, California, park.

Many noted that the reflective visors on the 23-year-old “Focus” singer were the same as ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s scandalous mistress V. Stiviano wore two years ago. According to the Daily Mail‘s sources, Ariana Grande managed to move through the park without being recognized.

However, the visor on Ariana Grande’s face didn’t do the trick when the pop star was approached by a group of young girls dressed as princesses who recognized the singer. But the park’s assigned VIP tour guide protected Grande from the girls.

And then the visor also failed to do its job when Ariana Grande took Space Mountain for a ride. The problem was that the “Dangerous Woman” singer had to hold onto the unfashionable accessory while riding the roller coaster.

Another reason why Ariana Grande was recognized by so few people at Disneyland was the fact that she wore relaxed loose-fit sweatpants instead of her usual glamorous clothes. The singer completed her look with an Anti-Social Social Club sweater.

What also helped Ariana Grande to stay unnoticed through the night was the fact that it was very late as she arrived at Disneyland after 10 p.m. and hung out with her group of friends till about 12.30 a.m.

And Ariana Grande also treated herself to some pickles from Main Street despite the late hour, which triggered rumors of her possible pregnancy. Pickle cravings, especially at night, are a common sign of pregnancy.

It was also noted by many fans that Ariana Grande wasn’t with her boyfriend Ricky Alvarez that night, which may suggest that the two have troubles in their relationship. In fact, the two have not been seen together since the “Dangerous Woman” singer’s birthday at the end of June.

Speaking of Ariana Grande’s relationships, the singer and her ex-boyfriend Graham Phillips recently had a surprise 13 reunion, according to E! Online. The two, who starred together in the Broadway musical, came together for a little 13 reunion at Red O restaurant off Melrose in Los Angeles

Ariana Grande and Phillips, who haven’t been seen together for long years, were joined by their friend to have a meal at the restaurant and share stories from their past years, an E! Online source shared.

“They had a wonderful time. Both of them, and their guests were an absolute delight and stayed late into the night.”

It may be a surprise for many fans of the Broadway musical 13, but Ariana Grande and Phillips used to date when they starred in the musical. In fact, the two walked red carpets together and looked like a happy couple.

But then the two called it quits and Ariana Grande has become widely recognizable around the world since then. Phillips, meanwhile, had a successful role of Alicia Florrick’s (Julianna Margulies) son on The Good Wife.

Ariana Grande released her latest album just two months ago, and the album has already peaked many musical charts around the world. Dangerous Woman, which is comprised of 11 tracks, includes her hot single “Into You,” which has recently become Grande’s eighth track to hit 100 million plays on Spotify.

Ariana Grande is set to put her musical talents on the stage to test again with her upcoming role in NBC’s live rendition of Hairspray.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]