Lisa Lampanelli Lost 80 Pounds Since April

Lisa Lampanelli most recently did a turn on Celebrity Apprentice, but the funny lady with the smart mouth is in the news again, this time for dropping a stunning 80 pounds since April — with a bit of help.

Lisa Lampanelli’s weight loss is stunning, and the time period is equally impressive. So how did she do it? Lampanelli explains that after years of yo-yo dieting and trying all the popular, faddy options only to fail, she felt it was time to go harder, and she underwent gastric-sleeve surgery in April.

Now that she has healed and gotten better, Lampanelli describes a realization of the weight-loss goals she always had. Lisa explained to InTouch magazine:

“I feel so much healthier … Crazy diets, good diets — you can’t name a diet I didn’t do. Finally I said, ‘I’ve tried it all, and there’s no shame in taking the next step.’ The doctor who ultimately did my procedure explained that obesity risks are much greater than the risks for this surgery.”

It’s true, as Lisa Lampanelli says, the risks of obesity often outweigh the risks even of surgical intervention. And the comedienne, who weighed 248 pounds before she opted for the gastric-sleeve surgery in late spring, says that now that she is on the other side, staying slim is a lot easier.

Lisa Lampanelli

Lampanelli says she can only eat small amounts now, but she plans to be vigilant:

“I get full quickly — at three, four bites, I have to stop … I’m keeping a close watch. I don’t want to gain again.”

Are you impressed by Lisa Lampanelli’s rapid weight loss?