‘Arrow’ Season 5: Roy Harper Returning?

Is Roy Harper returning to Arrow Season 5? Recent sightings of actor Colton Haynes on the set have led to speculation of the familiar face returning to the team.

The last time Roy was seen as a regular was in Season 3, when his death was faked to allow Oliver Queen to continue being the Arrow. After finding out about Sara’s death, Quentin Lance had gone off the rails and stopped viewing the Arrow as a friend. Oliver Queen admitted to being the vigilante, but Roy refused to allow him to take the fall. The team put a plan together for Roy to take the fall instead and then fake his death inside prison. Much to fan’s dislike, Haynes left the show but at least his character’s life was intact. The problem was there was the suggestion that he would never be seen again. He did return in Season 4, but his appearance was brief, and certainly not everything fans wanted.

Now, it looks like things have changed. Echo Kellum shared photos on Snapchat of Haynes being back on set. Kellum plays Curtis on the show, and looks to be part of the new team Oliver is setting up. Will Haynes return to help Oliver train the new recruits, after Oliver gets frustrated with their lack of skills? Will Roy need to return to remind Oliver of everything accomplished with him?

International Business Times reports that nobody has confirmed Haynes was there for filming. They also don’t say that he wasn’t there for that. According to many reports, it looks like Haynes was just in Vancouver to see former co-star Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity on Arrow. He was also there visiting Tyler Hoechlin, who is now there to play Superman on Supergirl Season 2.

With many rumors circulating about Haynes decision to leave Arrow, he finally spoke out to say that it was to look after his own health. He suffers from anxiety, and being on the hit CW show was making him physically ill. He needed to step back, but he is coming back to TV. He even said in May that he was going to come back to Arrow for a few episodes in Season 5. It is likely that this appearance in Vancouver is just for that.

However, Haynes has also taken a role in Scream Queens, the comedy horror show created by American Horror Story‘s Ryan Murphy. It means that while he may come to Arrow for a few episodes, he won’t be in the full season. Is it possible that he will help Thea decide to take a step away from being the Red Archer? Will he take her place for a short space of time, but decide that it isn’t the best thing for him?

Another possibility is that Roy will return due to the changes in Central City after The Flash‘s shocking Season 2 finale. Could Flashpoint change everything for the team?

Oliver will have his hands full in Season 5 judging by the latest trailer. He has a team of new recruits to train, while dealing with Diggle going off to join the military again. Roy may be that sounding board that Oliver needs now and then to get his head back in order, especially now that Laurel is no longer around.

Using him in flashbacks is another possibility. Katie Cassidy has already been confirmed for some episodes of Arrow Season 5, but likely in flashback form. Could these involve Haynes’ character,too?

Arrow Season 5 premieres on Wednesday, October 5 at 8 p.m. on the CW. Don’t forget to tune in to see how Oliver will feel about his new recruits and the new villain for the season.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]