Driving Miss Doggie: Dogs Steal Owner’s Car And Drive It Into Walmart [Video]

Two bored West Virginia pooches waiting in their owner’s Crown Victoria took a short joyride and drove straight into the Wayne Walmart, surprising shoppers and employees alike.

WSAZ-TV reported that this daring doggie escapade occurred Friday afternoon. One witness, a woman, saw the luxury car moving slowly from a parking spot straight for her! She thought it was someone she knew that was possibly messing with her. She quickly got out of the way as the car gently smashed into the store. The woman looked into the car to see who this person was. Instead of seeing the face of someone she knew, she was shocked when she saw that the driver was a dog! Then, this scenario became more surreal as the passenger side dog managed to roll down the window and jumped out of the car right in front of her!

This was not your usual canine caper. The surveillance video was released showing this crazy accident.

After the chaos had subsided, and the witnesses pieced together what happened, the store paged the owner to let them know the crash happened. What occurred is that the dog’s owner, an older woman, didn’t want to leave her precious pooches in a hot car. So instead, she left the car running in park and kept the air conditioning blowing to keep the dogs comfortable while she shopped at Walmart. Although her terriers have not revealed how they managed to get the car into drive, it appears that the owner failed to use the emergency break, making this normally difficult feat easier to accomplish.

Thankfully, no person nor pooch was injured. Anyone who views this video can see how lucky it was that no children or distracted adults were in the path of the premium-sized vehicle. This comedy could have easily turned into a tragedy. Instead, locals are taking this with a lot of humor. Walmart shopper Tiffany Bowen chalks up this crazy event as only happening in Wayne County.

“Only in Wayne County could something like that happen.”

Across the street from the Walmart is a pet training center and veterinary service. Co-owner Amanda Clark talked to the television station about this incident. She made a point of mentioning that at her business, they do not offer doggie driving lessons.

“It never occurred to us to teach them how to drive a car.”

Clark then cautioned pet owners to keep their furry family members home when running errands, unless they are going to a drive thru or only chose to shop at places that pets are allowed to enter.

“We definitely don’t want you to leave your pet in a car if it’s not running, and apparently if the car is running, that’s not a good idea either.”

A general rule of thumb should always be to not leave the keys in the car and the car running. Someone could easily break the window and carjack the vehicle with the precious pooches inside!

Thankfully, there was very little damage to the vehicle or to the Walmart building.

According to USA Today, the dispatcher at Wayne County 911 took notes from the deputy officer who went to the Walmart.

“Two dogs in the car. One knocked car out of gear. Other rolled window down.”

After the deputy surveyed the scene and spoke to the driver, the woman was able to drive the vehicle home with both dogs safely tucked inside her vehicle. No charges were filed against the dogs or the woman. In addition, no report was filed. There is no indication if the pair of pooches apologized or were reprimanded.

Have you ever heard of such a crazy canine caper? Do you have any clever one-liners about this crazy canine story?

[Photo by Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images]