Twitter Reacts To Donald Trump, From Fried Chicken Fork-Gate To Kicking Out Crying Baby

Donald Trump causes Twitter to erupt.

Twitter has a sense of humor, and the social media giant’s users showed their wit in reacting to two recent incidents involving Donald Trump. From the discovery that the political candidate eats his fried chicken with a fork to his challenge to a crying baby, Twitter users flocked to share their views on Trump’s unexpected behavior.

Other political candidates have made attempts to show how they relate to the masses through food. Marie Antoinette recommended that hungry people eat cake, while several candidates have chosen to nibble pizza via a knife and fork, pointed out Bravo.

Twitter twerked over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump eating KFC with a fork.
But when Donald turned to Instagram to share how he ate fast food fried-chicken on a private plane with a fork, it set off a Twitter firestorm.

Some offered their views on why Donald chose to pick up a fork for his KFC rather than use his hands.

“Some have put forth the theory that his hands cannot hold the large piece of chicken,” suggested one commentator.

Others envisioned imaginary conversations between Trump and an aide over fork-gate.

“Okay Mr. Trump, we’re going to have you pose with KFC. No no you don’t need a fork… Okay fine whatever you want.”

However, politicians are known for trying to figure out a way to make themselves seem just like “real folks,” and food often plays a role in helping them do so, pointed out Manhattan psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert.

“Donald Trump digging into a bucket of KFC is a perfect example of this,” added the expert. “Offering a glimpse into common everyday activities of these larger than life figures such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump only helps to humanize them and remind people that they too eat… just like everyday Americans.”

As for why Donald chose KFC, digital marketing and social media consultant Bruce Mendelsohn contends that it’s branding, not a preference for fried chicken.

“For the same reasons they appear with the sleeves rolled up on their Thomas Pink shirts, they appear to be eating fast food or diner food,” clarified Mendelsohn.

Moreover, the marketing specialist believes that every photo showing a politician dining is planned, with the ultimate goal to “break down the barriers” between someone such as Trump and his potential supporters. Even showing Donald dining alone on fried chicken helps him hold true to his unique brand, added the expert.

“Trump is shown alone. That’s in keeping with his brand; that it’s all about him, all the time.”

However, kicking a mother with a crying baby out of a political rally doesn’t typically fall into the category of behavior that shows politicians are just like regular people. Twitter also erupted over the news that rather than the traditional kiss-a-baby scene, Trump had been caught embarrassing a mom when her baby loudly cried throughout his speech at a Virginia rally.

Donald Trump created a Twitter tempest by kicking a crying baby and its mom out of a rally.
The baby-gate incident occurred when the Republican presidential nominee was talking about China, reported the Independent.

Donald started out on a positive note in responding to the whimpering infant.

“I love babies. I hear that baby crying. I like it,” proclaimed Trump.

But that love changed to kicking out the baby and mom, even mocking her for believing him that he liked it.

“Actually, I was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here,” Donald ordered the mother.

“I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking.”

Twitter contemplated the situation with varying views, with some favoring the infant.

“If that baby was the only one crying in that room while listening to Donald Trump speak, it’s safe to assume it was the smartest one there,” opined one user.

“I would rather listen to the baby……..,” decided one Twitter user.

Others felt sympathy for the mother.

“He totally gaslights the mother, horrendous,” noted another.

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