‘Supernatural’ Will End With Dean And Sam’s Deaths? Here’s What The Actors Have To Say

While we hope Supernatural won’t end anytime soon, the actors who play Sam and Dean Winchester have their own ideas about how it should end. Will the Winchesters really die at the very end of the show?

In a recent fan Q&A session with the CW (video above), fans asked the Supernatural stars how they would like to see the show end. Jared Padalecki, who plays younger brother Sam, admitted that he’d like to see the show end with their deaths. Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean, agreed with the comment. While fans won’t be happy, could you honestly say that you would see the show ending in any other way?

Padalecki explained his wish by saying that there is no way the Winchesters would bow out of hunting in any other way. At the start of Supernatural, there was the hope that the two would be able to step away from the game and live their normal lives. Sam had certainly tried it on numerous occasions, including between Seasons 7 and 8 when Dean was stuck in Purgatory. Every time, he has been pulled back into hunting because of his older brother.

Dean had tried to step away but didn’t make a full effort. He has spent most of his life hunting and saving people. Even when he was in a universe where his mom had lived, he decided to end it all because other people’s happiness and safety meant too much to him.

Ackles agreed with Padalecki, saying that the brothers will go out with all guns blazing. There just isn’t a chance that the two would hang up their rifles and walk away. It’s been stated numerous times in the show that hunters can’t really do that.

This has followed the thoughts of many Supernatural fans. They know that the Winchesters can’t go out any other way, but some would like to see it work with a “did he/didn’t he” storyline. On Facebook, one fan had the idea of Sam dying and Dean being at his side. As Sam struggles with his last breaths, we see Dean pick up his pistol and then the scene cuts to black. The episode ends with a single gunshot, and there is the question of whether Dean killed himself or put Sam out of his misery, knowing that there was no coming back from it.

Of course, many fans say that Supernatural couldn’t end this way. The Winchesters have died and come back to life on many occasions. In Season 11, Sam and Dean met Reaper Billie, who made it very clear that she was going to make sure the brothers stayed dead the next time this happened. Will she be the one to visit them at the very end to make sure they crossover?

That being said, even reaching Heaven doesn’t stop the Winchesters. During Season 5, they were killed, and we got to see Heaven and Ash. They were able to jump through Heavens to get back to their bodies. If God wants them alive, he’d make sure it was possible. Would Sam and Dean make a deal with God/Chuck that the next time they die, it is for good?

We have no idea how long Supernatural will continue. The CW has no intention of cancelling it just yet, and it will be up to the two actors. Right now, they appear happy with their jobs and lives, but 12 years is a long time to be on a show. We just have to look at Criminal Minds and NCIS to see that actors want a break and to try different things after a while.

Supernatural Season 12 premieres on the CW on October 13, at 9 p.m. Make sure you tune in to find out how Dean will deal with his mother’s return and find out where the Men of Letters have taken Sam.

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