Adopt-A-Guy Boutique Just Make Window Shopping A Lot More Exciting [Video]

The Adopt A Guy pop-up boutique may now have women shopping on the Street of Happiness in Paris asking one another, how much is that hottie in the window? The French dating website, Adopte Un Mec opened up the new “store” in the heart of the city’s fashion district. There, displayed inside glass containers which resemble doll boxes, are real men with monikers liked Mr. Muscles and The Rocker.

Paris shoppers may find themselves going home from their shopping trip with far more than a new pair of designer shoes. The eligible bachelors displayed in the windows of the Adopt A Guy boutique are actually on display for only promotional purposes, but the dating website operators are eager to find matches for all their clientele, The Sun reports.

The unique marketing plow was designed to appeal to a woman’s desire to be in the driving seat when it comes to dating. Both guys and gals can sign up with Adopte Un Mec, but only the ladies are permitted to send messages to potential suitors. Avoiding unwanted attention from men who do not have what it takes to become Mr. Right is one of the most popular features of the French dating service.

Male dating service users must wait patiently to be “placed in a cart” after posting a photo and devising an appealing profile introduction. The Adopt A Guy promotion has been a rousing success, the website currently boasts an impressive 300 million page views per month. How do the men in the doll boxes feel about being displayed like hunky merchandise? They reportedly are not taking the publicity stunt too seriously and are very open-minded about the lingering glances from female shoppers.