‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Meets Valentin Cassadine — Is This A Whirlwind Romance Or A Complete Disaster?

Things are about to get ugly on General Hospital now that Valentin Cassadine has finally made it to Port Charles. It looks like he got off the island quickly while his former hostages have just now been rescued and will be back home soon. It is obvious that Valentin is about to cause some major trouble in town, and the first person that he is using to get there is Nina Clay.

The Crimson editor is quite vulnerable right now as her split from Franco has left her alone and still yearning for a child. After having a few drinks and then heading to her hotel room at the MetroCourt, Valentin appeared out of nowhere in the hallway, and Nina invited him in with no hesitation, as Soaps She Knows mentioned. You would think that with the recent murders at General Hospital, she would be a little more careful.


Nina has been acting quite desperate lately, and it seemed to be inevitable that she would end up in a compromising position with someone soon enough. Little did she know that her handsome suitor is violent and has the last name of Cassadine. It is also noted that this all happened at the same time that her ex, Franco, was being taken in for questioning about the murders at the hospital.

After their night of passion, Valentin discovered that Spencer was trying to get hold of his dad. He had Nik’s phone in his hand and saw that Spencer had left a couple of messages on the phone while he was at camp. Valentin knows that Nikolas was not the last of his family and now knows where Spencer is so that he can either eliminate him from inheriting the Cassadine fortune or he could be trying to lure Nikolas out of hiding since they never found his body.


This is bad for little Spencer, as the spoiler put out by TV Source Magazine says that someone will try to kidnap the boy, and now we know exactly who does the dirty deed. However, it sounds like it will not be successful, as Sonny, and possibly Jason if he makes it back in time, will save Spencer from falling into the clutches of Valentin.


It is a given that Nik is still alive since the announcement came from Tyler Christopher that he will be returning to his role as Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital sometime in September. That means he needs to get back home quickly to keep his son safe from Valentin, who is intent on getting his hands on the Cassadine fortune that Nik was forced to sign over to him.

What about Nina Clay? She has no idea that she just slept with a killer. She thinks that he is a newcomer in town named Theo Heart, with whom she just had a one night stand. She may soon find out that he is up to no good. It will be interesting to find out just why the writers at General Hospital chose to put Nina and Valentin together as soon as he got into town. Many viewers have been wondering why she would be seduced by a stranger that she had just met for a few minutes. There could be a very good reason why they chose to have these two together.


Since Nina has been so down about not being able to have a baby, maybe there is a chance that she isn’t so infertile after all. That would be taking an interesting twist to this strange General Hospital storyline. It could be that Franco was the one who couldn’t have kids, and now that Nina has been with another man, she may find out that she actually can get pregnant. Could this be the reason to put these two together? It would sure make things interesting if another Cassadine child would enter the picture. That might even make Helena come back from the grave soon.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Nina getting pregnant by Valentin? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see what happens with these two crazy kids.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]