What Rob Kardashian Did To Keep Blac Chyna In Line

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna In Line

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been engaged for a few months now. But lately, there have been reports that the couple are going through some trying times. Apparently, Rob Kardashian saw some disturbing texts on Blac Chyna’s phone that shook the trust he had in her.

The incident is said to have caused Kris Jenner to get involved, and she didn’t waste any time straightening out Chy after she deleted Rob Kardashian’s photos from her social media accounts. Of course, with both Chyna and Rob Kardashian currently working on their reality show titled Rob & Chyna, it is imperative that they try to work together, at least through the first season.


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Rob’s reaction after seeing the texts, according to a source who spoke to Radar was to demand that Blac hand over her phone and email passwords, and make sure to inform him beforehand of posts she intends to upload on social media. The following is an excerpt of the report.

“Rob insisted to Blac that, from now on, he must always have the password to her phone!… In addition, Rob told her that she must hand over all over her passwords, including her email… Rob also told Chy that she is not allowed to post anything on her social media accounts without running it by him. He also thinks that Kris should be in control of all of their finances from now on. But that’s not a given yet.”

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According to the insider, Blac Chyna agreed to most of the terms, allegedly because she loves Rob and would also find it extremely difficult to maintain the lifestyle she’s now living thanks to the Kardashians. She worries that if she and her fiancé break up, she might have to go back to stripping to make a living. This is not to mention that she would have to raise her two kids on her own (Tyga’s and Rob’s).


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Another source who spoke to Hollywood Life revealed that Blac Cyna is presently gearing up for a life of hardship and has already started warming up to the idea of going back to stripping. The following is an excerpt of the report.

“Never in a million years did Blac ever think she’d have to return to the pole and twerk. But, since Rob’s been distant, she’s fears she may have to get back on stage and grind. Blac’s been hitting up her strip-club connections and hinting to them she may need to get in her thongs and on stage again to make ends meet if Rob’s not going to take her back.”

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It is suggested that she might have been in a hurry to carry Rob Kardashian’s baby, as he would be able to bring in the ‘big bucks’ given the influence his family wields in the entertainment industry. In recent months, Rob has showered her with expensive gifts ranging from exquisite artwork to a purple Lamborghini. According to the insider who spoke to the site, Blac Chyna is making a mental preparation to work hard and support her kids in every way she knows how as she’s never seen Rob Kardashian so distant. The following was the actual statement in regards to this.

“Chyna’s a survivor and will support her children the only way she knows how – by making club appearances and shaking a little booty. She’s just being prepared. She’s never seen Rob so angry or distant and is making sure she’s got a plan B in case he doesn’t come back to her.”

The pressure of filming is said to have contributed to the tension, which may be true considering that Rob Kardashian has always been camera-shy.

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