New Signs Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles Romance Could Revive, Zayn Malik And Liam Payne To Draw On One Direction Days

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner could surprise us yet again with a Hendall revival, and Zayn Malik and Liam Payne will both be revisiting their One Direction roots in at least a couple of ways.

Sugarscape reports that both Kendall Jenner’s mom Kris Jenner and Kendall’s friend Hailey Baldwin have liked shots celebrating Harry Styles’ romance with Kendall, sparking speculation that the romance may be back on.


Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner first dated in 2013, but broke up citing career commitments and clashing schedules. The pair were rumored to be done, but then surprised fans at the turn of 2015 when they were spotted making out on a yacht owned by Irving Azoff, the music mogul whose son Jeff went on to become Harry Styles’ manager.

Harry and Kendall spent a few days cavorting on the yacht, snuggling and kissing, and a steady stream of pictures, articles and rumors hit the press. Some speculated that it was all a PR stunt organized by Kendall’s mom Kris Jenner, who soon reportedly pushed for Harry to appear with Kendall on her reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Harry Styles’ mom Anne Twist was also on board the Azoff yacht, prompting some people to say that it must be a serious romance, with both Harry and Kendall spending a whole holiday around each others’ moms.

The pair attended the birthday party of Harry’s friend and future manager Jeff Azoff when they were back on land, but Kendall was spotted leaving in a huff, prompting speculation that she and Harry had had a row or that they’d broken up. However, some outlets continued to report that they were besotted with each other, that Harry had given Kendall his t-shirt to sleep in, and even that Kendall and Harry were moving in together or they would be sharing their London and LA pads.

Next thing we knew, Harry Styles was said to have two-timed Kendall with a stylist named Pandora Lennard. Some outlets reported that Kendall was devastated, and that Harry told all his friend that it was not cheating because he had never thought that he and Kendall were that serious.

A Kendall source soon confirmed that Styles and Jenner were off. The insider said that Kendall really likes Harry Styles but, like any rock star, Harry has trouble staying faithful to one girl.

The Kris Jenner Instagram “like” has sparked a flurry of new rumors, with some saying that Harry and Kendall’s love has revived and others scoffing that the PR-minded momager is at it again and Kendall must have a magazine spread coming up that she needs to promote.

Sugarscape dubbed Kris Jenner’s Instagram like “confusing.”

Even though Kris Jenner is potentially the worlds greatest Hendall fan [there] are certain things we didn’t expect her to do. Namely, freely and deliberately liking a manip of Kendall and Harry on Instagram… Confusing.

It’s not the only high-profile “like” Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have gotten lately. Fans observed that last month Kendall’s friend Hailey Baldwin liked a picture of Styles and Jenner together.


Hailey Baldwin is a close friend of Kendall Jenner’s, an enemy of Taylor Swift’s, and a former fling of Justin Bieber’s.

Meanwhile, J-14 reports that Simon Cowell believes One Direction could reunite because the appetite for a reunion would be so huge. Simon said that he is not sure what form the reunion would take — he implied that it could be either a tour or a new album.

It comes a day after fans of One Direction took to Twitter to demand a tour for the band’s last album. #WeWantMITAMTour trended worldwide, and many people envisaged specific special moments they’d like to see from Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne individually.

“I think there would be such an appetite amongst the fans for a reunion, whether it was a tour or a record. They are going to have successful solo careers—that is assured as much as it can be. They have got to make great records but I reckon they will. I wouldn’t rule anything out. With these guys, I left the decisions up to them.”


There had been speculation that Simon Cowell was angry with Liam Payne because Payne signed to a rival label, stating that he would stick with the pop sound that brought him success in Simon’s band. Cowell stated that it’s “annoying” to see an artist you invested in move to another label.

Meanwhile, One Direction defector Zayn Malik has surprised many people by deciding to revisit his boy band roots.

Zayn will do it in the world of TV. Malik has reportedly taken on a role as executive producer on a TV series about a fictional boy band, according to the Sun. Zayn will draw on his experience in One Direction as he advises the scriptwriters on the plot and dialogue.

Perhaps Zayn will emphasize the negative and creatively unfulfilling aspects of boy band life during his consulting work. After he left One Direction, Zayn gave many interviews saying he was unhappy in the band and felt he was not treated like an artist.

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