Bill Clinton To Define New Role As ‘First Gentleman’ If Hillary Wins: What His Duties Would Be

Bill Clinton’s possible role as the United States first First Gentleman is now a hot discussion topic among many political experts, according to the Wall Street Journal. The former President has high chances of becoming the First Gentleman if his wife, Democrat Hillary Clinton, is elected President of the U.S. in November this year.

And while many political experts thought that Bill Clinton’s role would remain vague up until Hillary, who is rivaling with GOP candidate Donald Trump to be the nation’s president, is elected President later this year, her recent remarks made the whole thing even more confusing.

Hillary recently said that her husband Bill Clinton would be “in charge” of economic reforms. It was surprising to hear Hillary say this because she had always been secretive about what kind of plans she has for her husband if he becomes America’s first ever First Gentleman. However, when Hillary’s presidential campaign’s team was approached with further questions regarding Bill Clinton’s possible role as the nation’s First Gentleman, they were unable to give a certain answer.

And that led political experts to once again realize how unprecedented, and at the same time, awkward this whole situation is. First of all, it would be the first time a former First Lady would be the President, and it would be the first time a former President would become the First Gentleman.

But during her speech in Paducah, Kentucky, on Monday, Hillary said she has economical plans for her husband Bill Clinton.

“I want to help bring back the kind of economy that worked for everybody in the 1990s.”

So who would be the best fit for that purpose if not Bill Clinton, who served as the nation’s President in the period between 1993 and 2001? In fact, Hillary is certain her husband will help “get incomes rising.”

Speaking with Stephen Colbert in June, Hillary admitted to The Late Show host that Bill Clinton’s role would be “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

“Nobody did it better, created more jobs, helped incomes rise. I want every bit of advice he can give me about how we do the same going forward.”

But many political experts are wondering how Bill Clinton could actually help in terms of improving the nation’s economy, creating new jobs, or getting incomes rising. For many years, first ladies (and now first gentlemen) have had little to zero influence when it comes to the nation’s management.

But could Hillary actually make Bill Clinton one of her economic advisers in addition to his automatically obtained First Gentleman status? And if that happens, what would be the extent of his influence in the country?

Mrs. Clinton could also, however, appoint Bill Clinton to be in charge of foreign policy, as the presidential hopeful has previously indicated that her husband has interest and expertise in this field.

In fact, Hillary could use Bill Clinton for “special missions” abroad, just the same way current U.S. President Barack Obama sent Bill to North Korea to return two American journalists home several years ago.

Although this question dates back more than 60 years, the First Ladies National Historic Site in Canton still hasn’t figured out what to do with the library if Bill Clinton becomes the nation’s first First Gentleman.

It’s because the historic site has never had a presidential spouse who isn’t a first lady, according to Your Ohio Vote. The same question was frequently asked back in 2008, when Hillary Clinton was running for president, but lost the race to Obama.

But this year, this same question is being actively raised, since Bill Clinton has high chances of becoming the nation’s First Gentleman later this year. To this day, the library has been strictly about first ladies.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]