‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 5: Watch Joseline Hernandez And Tommie Almost Fight In Front of Stevie J [VIDEO]

The feuds are so personal in this season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta that the cast had to have separate interviews. One of the biggest feuds in Season 5 is between Joseline Hernandez and Tommie Lee.

Tommie, who was in a relationship with Scrapp Deleon, admitted to trying to run over Joseline with her car. The Puerto Rican princess responded by getting an order of protection against her. Has Joseline finally met her match?

Joseline was suspicious that Stevie J was sleeping with Tommie. Stevie defended himself by citing that Scrapp, who is serving a prison sentence, is his nephew, and relations with Tommie would be inappropriate.

During the Love and Hip Hop Season 5 Reunion show, Tommie says that she was unsure whether Stevie was trying to seduce her. Tommie then confirmed that Stevie J stated that he will not make advances on her because of his nephew Scrapp.

Tommie accused Joseline Hernandez of calling the police to her hotel room as retaliation for being in a room with Stevie J. Joseline denied the accusations. However, Tommie stated that the Puerto Rican princess is the only one that had her room number; therefore no one else could have called law enforcement.

Joseline then confirmed that Tommie pulled up on her and Stevie and tried to run her over. Watch the footage below:

In the video of the incident, you can see Stevie J trying to hold back Tommie as she launches at Joseline.

In the bizarre video, it looks like an enraged Tommie tries to kiss Stevie J to bait Joseline into a fight. She warns the Puerto Rican princess that she can have her man anytime she wants.

Stevie J managed to get Tommie back in her car and it looked like Joseline Hernandez didn’t want any of that fight.


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Joseline has had feuds with almost every cast member in this season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. However, Tommie Lee, who admitted that the viral photo of her 15 mugshots is incomplete, may be too much crazy for the Puerto Rican princess.

In an interview with Bossip, Tommie talked about her criminal past:

“Some of them are, some of them aren’t,” said Tommie. “I was dying laughing like, you just see question marks on that one mugshot. That b—- looked like she been drugged. Some of them s—s is not even me. Half the time I’ve been on probation without going to prison. Half the time I was put on probation but I was still a bada–. I still would violate probation. I wouldn’t do community service so guess that you get booked again and you got a whole new mugshot. People act like I’m just a real criminal out here. I’m not denying any of the s–t that I did but that’s not the life I live right now.”

Joseline claims she is no longer in love with Stevie J but goes into a jealous rage with a hint of suspicion that he may be with another woman. Although rumors were flying that Atlanta rapper Young Dro had a relationship with Joseline. The Puerto Rican princess revealed that Stevie J is the only man that she slept with.

She revealed that they were intimate during their trip to Los Angeles and she suspects that this is when she got pregnant.

Stevie J is going to react to the pregnancy next week in the Love and Hip Hop Reunion Part 2.

Some fans of the show have complained about the format of this season’s reunion. Many find the separate interviews less entertaining. Are you going to tune in next week?

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