iPhone 6 Explosion Leaves Man With Severe Third-Degree Burns [Video]

An Australian man suffered extensive and painful third-degree burns as the result of an iPhone 6 explosion. Gareth Clear, a 36-year-old, was riding his bicycle on the outskirts of Sydney when he got into a minor biking accident. The accident caused him to fall from his bike, resulting in minor bumps and bruising. That should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t.

According to Clear, within moments he became the victim of an iPhone 6 explosion that left him in intense pain and suffering from third-degree burns. Unfortunately for the Aussie, the iPhone 6 explosion happened while his mobile device was stored in the pocket of his shorts, reports the Telegraph.

As a result of the iPhone 6 explosion, Gareth Clear was severely burned. He shared his experience with the media and on his social media accounts.

“I suddenly saw this incredible plume of smoke. And there was a searing pain that went along with it – as though someone had pushed a huge block of ice against my leg. The phone was stuck to my leg having melted through both my shorts and my Skins. It had to have been more than 100 degrees.”

According to the Australian cyclist, he had to employ a little bit of self-help to prevent a horrific situation from getting much, much worse. He said that following the explosion, he punched the iPhone 6 to get it off of his terribly burned limb. It was then that he reports that the iPhone made a strange noise that he called a “metallic bang.”

Gareth, despite his painful burns, wanted to make it clear that his exploding iPhone 6 wasn’t some kind of random occurrence. He admits that, during the tumble from his bicycle, the iPhone did come into contact with the ground. However, he calls the sequence of events that led up to the iPhone 6 explosion “one in a million,” adding that his tiny fall managed to result in the phone’s lithium battery being struck or pierced significantly enough to cause the explosion.

After the unexpected and shocking iPhone explosion, the injured Aussie managed to walk himself back to town, even though he was suffering from unimaginable pain. When he made it back to city limits, he was admitted to the closest hospital with adequate facilities to deal with the treatment he required as a result of the iPhone 6 explosion.

The 36-year-old required a skin graft and faces a lengthy recovery.

According to Clear, the iPhone explosion could be equated to what one would expect to happen if exposed to a tiny bomb. He is also worried that, given the popularity of iPhone devices and how many people carry them around, what happened to him could happen to someone else. In fact, Gareth is pretty sure that another iPhone 6 explosion will happen in the foreseeable future, and he also considers himself very lucky that his injuries weren’t much more severe.

“It could hurt someone else much more than it did me.”

This is far from the first time that an iPhone explosion has made media waves. As Gizmodo reports, a British teen is considering legal action against Apple after his iPhone 5S exploded. The teen, Arthur Smith, reportedly suffers from hemophilia, and suffered burns and other injuries when his iPhone’s battery exploded while he was riding the Eurostar.

A Seattle man is also considering taking legal action against Apple after hisiPhone 6 exploded while in his back pocket. As KIRO 7 reports, Jason Matt was at work when he dealt with the painful and terrifying experience.

“I started seeing smoke and I thought the kitchen was on fire, Then I felt intense searing pain in my back pocket.”

According to Matt, he suffered second-degree burns and mental anguish as a result of his iPhone 6 explosion.

Investigations have indicated that iPhones and iPods have a history of catching fire, and technological experts have come forward to warn consumers that dangerous (and even potentially deadly) explosions can result if iPhones are damaged or if users charge them with inexpensive, non-Apple chargers.

Reportedly, Apple is investigating the iPhone 6 explosion that badly burned Gareth Clear; it is unknown whether Clear is pursuing legal action as a result of his iPhone 6 injuries.

[Image via Oathz/Shutterstock]