‘Torchlight 2’ Arrives With Thursday Launch

Torchlight 2 finally made its highly anticipated debut on September 20, 2012. The action role playing game is a sequel to Runic Games successful Torchlight and it is now available for direct download to Windows computers. Despite several delays, the long awaited RPG has managed to maintain a substantial level of player interest, which has been aided by the low price of only $20 USD.

The game doesn’t break any radical new ground for PC based role playing adventures. Instead, it takes what players enjoy in an RPG and refines each aspect of Torchlight 2 into a polished, engaging game. Featuring a user friendly interface and an involving storyline, Torchlight 2 is easy to play, even for first time gamers.

Using the top down style of game-play that has been popularized by games like Diablo, Torchlight 2 offers players a world to explore that is approximately four times larger than its predecessor. Runic has always been receptive to the gaming community and as a result, many imaginative mods are being developed to extend the longevity of Torchlight 2.

After listening to player requests following the success of the original Torchlight, the game’s developers decided to add LAN play and an online four player mode. Online play is available by simply opening a free Runic account on the game’s website.

Torchlight 2 is a well made, attractive computer game. It looks great with rich painterly graphics and while it doesn’t take computer gaming to a new level, it does provide many hours of very enjoyable gaming. Torchlight 2 is high on the list of the best role playing games for 2012. Anyone who enjoys a good romp through a fantasy gaming universe should download a copy. Hats off to Runic Games for producing a truly outstanding new game.