Apple Maps Quality Questioned As Complaints Flood The Market

Apple Maps Broken

Apple’s first foray into mobile mapping software is not going as planned. Since releasing the company’s new iOS 6 software on Wednesday the tech firm has been hit with various complaints from users.

One of the most notable complaints came from Ireland’s Justice Minister, Alan Shatter, after he noticed a mistakes with Airfield Park in Dublin. The Justice realized the location was marked as an airport when in fact it is full of gardens, a cafe and a city farm. In comparison the recently Apple abandoned Google Maps properly identifies that and other locations correctly.

Other customers have complained that Apple Maps’ turn-by-turn directions are already proving to be inaccurate and that many countries simply lack coverage. The coverage area problem is compounded in certain areas such as Scotland where Inverness, Thurso, Tain, Nairn, and Ullapool are all in black-and-white. It should be noted that both Google and Bing Maps show those areas with full-color satellite data.

Some satellite images are also obscured by cloud coverage while other areas show low-resolution textures.

The problem worsens when we realize that Google Maps was removed from iOS 6, leaving customers with Apple Maps in its place. In the meantime Apple Maps lacks the type of technology features by Google such as Street View, public transit directions and various other features.

Essentially Apple has dumbed down the mapping experience and even then its mapping software seems dated, fueled by errors and unready for mass release.

Here’s to the happiness we’ll feel when installing Google Maps as a third-party software option for the Apple iOS 6 platform.