‘Bachelor In Paradise’ News: Chris Harrison Speaks Out About What Really Went Down With Chad Johnson

Tonight was the big premiere of Bachelor in Paradise and also the return of Chad Johnson. If you watched the episode, you know that he was a bit of a train wreck on the premiere. Glamour got the chance to talk to host Chris Harrison during the filming of the show and find out exactly what went down with Chad. Chris Harrison wasn’t afraid to share exactly how it all went down.

When it comes to Chad, Chris Harrison shared his thoughts on what is really up with him. Chris said, “Here’s the thing about Chad, [and I know] we’re going to catch some heat about bringing Chad back because of the threats of violence and all that stuff. Chad is not a bad person. People get labeled very easily, and of course on our show…he’s the villain, she’s the villain, whatever. I don’t think life is that simple. Chad is one of those people I find very compelling and interesting.”

Chris Harrison went on to reveal that when they first got to Bachelor in Paradise Chad apologized and explained that he had turned over a new leaf. As everyone knows, Chris Harrison ended up sending him home and actually hopes that he can get some help for his issues.

Some people might think that the producers sent him home because they were afraid he would hurt someone, but Chris Harrison said that is not the case at all. He felt like the way that Johnson was acting was keeping everyone else from having their own chance to find love. Harrison spoke out and said, “He had really been verbally abusive to some of the staff, to some of our crew, other people, and I started having a conversation with him. Again, it was a chance for him to be contrite and a chance to come to terms with the fact that he had been out of hand, and his behavior was inappropriate.”

When Chad and Chris Harrison were talking, things ended up going downhill. Chris Harrison said that Chad was really rude to him, and he just made the decision right then it was time to send him home. Things got pretty bad, and Harrison said that before it was all over with he was even called a few names. This didn’t keep them from inviting Johnson to the finale of The Bachelorette last night and even letting him tease that he wanted the job as The Bachelor.

Now when it comes to what is going on with Chad, Chris Harrison doesn’t really know but he even said he feels like it is an “insecurity” of some kind. Chris said that after things get to a certain point, then Johnson starts to apologize. He really doesn’t think that he wants to be the kind of guy that he is, but so far, he doesn’t seem to be changing.

Entertainment Weekly also shared a bit about what Chris Harrison had to say about Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. Harrison did share that if Johnson doesn’t win the viewers over, it looks like Lace Morris will totally redeem herself and that everyone will see her differently than they did before. Other than what went down on this first episode, it turns out that it will be a very successful season of Bachelor in Paradise, and everyone will not want to miss seeing it all go down.

Were you shocked to see how things went down with Chad Johnson on Bachelor in Paradise? Do you feel like Chris Harrison made the right decision by sending him home? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday nights on ABC.

[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]