Lady Gaga Wears A Meat Corset, Lights Up On Stage

Lady Gaga seems to be on an attention binge again lately, most recently wearing a meat corset (and no, that’s not some kind of butchering tool or a nickname for a style of corset, she actually wore a corset made of meat) and sparking up a doob on stage during her European tour.

Lady Gaga’s meat corset is only a portion of her many antics across Europe, and we reported on the blunt smoking in Amsterdam yesterday.

But Gaga seems to be charging across the continent in her Gaga-esque fashion, doing all sorts of strange things.

Like, during the meat corset appearance, she also disappeared briefly from the stage to puke. And she returned and told the crowd in Bucharest at the Piata Constitutiei Square venue:

“I went backstage and vomited, and I did not want you to see this … It happens to me sometimes.”

Lady Gaga, I am not a doctor, but perhaps your body is displeased at not only being covered in rotting flesh that is not subject to proper food handling techniques, but also the part about the decomposing animal being constrictively tied about your midsection.

Lady Gaga smokes a blunt

Gaga’s bout of possible dress poisoning did not sour her mood as it did her constitution, and the singer excitedly told fans on Twitter that she was looking forward to her next date:

“Off to VIENNA! I’m so excited. Romania was a beautiful ‘little Paris’ and I can’t wait for the next city!”

Did Lady Gaga’s meat corset make you feel like puking?