NFL Rumors: Kellen Moore Breaks Ankle, Dallas Cowboys Need Replacement

Very few things in the NFL will cause a team to change up their plans as quickly as a major injury. According to NBC Sports, Kellen Moore has suffered a broken ankle. The Dallas Cowboys now need to find someone to replace him as the primary backup to Tony Romo.

A scary scene took place on the Dallas Cowboys practice field on Tuesday. Kellen Moore went down with an injury that was so bad that he needed to be carted off the field. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed that his backup quarterback had indeed suffered a broken ankle and will require surgery.

While Jerry Jones was willing to talk about the severity of the injury suffered by Kellen Moore, he would not reveal what the Dallas Cowboys are planning to do as a backup plan. Jones was very adamant that the Cowboys were comfortable with Moore as the backup and Dak Prescott as the quarterback in waiting.

A couple of days ago, the Los Angeles Rams decided to grant the release of Nick Foles, as reported by ESPN. The veteran quarterback had asked management to let him try to find another home in the NFL. Foles did not want to be stuck as a backup behind Jeff Goff.

Since the Dallas Cowboys lost their chance at the NFL Playoffs last season because Tony Romo kept injuring his collarbone, many considered the backup quarterback position a vital for the franchise. That is why Nick Foles was immediately linked to the team upon his release from the Los Angeles Rams.

Jerry Jones downplayed things by stating that Nick Foles was not an option for the Dallas Cowboys. He was comfortable going into the regular season with Tony Romo, Kellen Moore, and Dak Prescott. With the injury to Moore, things could change tremendously.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Nick Foles
Nick Foles [Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images]

Nick Foles was rejected by several NFL teams that he was linked with. The Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers all made comments about not being interested in the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. The New York Jets also lacked interest after finally ending their contract standoff with Ryan Fitzpatrick, as reported by CBS Sports.

With Ryan Fitzpatrick signed, the New York Jets are now carrying four quarterbacks on the roster. Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, and Christian Hackenberg are also in the mix. The Dallas Cowboys could choose to see how things work out with the Jets and sign the odd man out.

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson told the media that he was very close to announcing the starting quarterback for the team. If Robert Griffin III earns that job, then the Browns could possibly send Josh McCown to another NFL team. The Dallas Cowboys could come into the mix.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo
Tony Romo [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

A move that might generate a good deal of headlines for the Dallas Cowboys, something that Jerry Jones likes to do, is to sign Michael Vick. The veteran quarterback has been campaigning for one more season in the NFL. Vick obviously prefers a contending team, which the Cowboys could very well be.

Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett are praying that Tony Romo can play every single game next season. That is their best bet if they want to get back to the NFL Playoffs, especially since their defense is in shambles because of an assortment of suspensions.

It is unfortunate that a serious injury is going to rob Kellen Moore of his big chance in the NFL. He has spent years waiting on the sidelines to show that he can be the star that he was when he was with the Boise State Broncos.

[Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]