Gold UFO ‘Hundreds Of Miles Long’ Spotted On NASA ISS Video: Source Of The Eerie ‘Floating City’ Phenomenon?

What looks to be an incredibly long gold Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted this week by a UFO hunter while perusing the NASA livestream cameras from the International Space Station (ISS). And if the mysterious finding wasn’t enough, it would seem that the live feed was cut during the transmission as well, a common occurrence with which UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists are all too familiar. And although the object has yet to be identified, speculation has begun that the long gold UFO just might be the “floating city” that appeared in the skies of two cities in China last year, images of which went viral on the internet.

Express reported August 2 that UFO enthusiast and prolific anomaly poster Streetcap1 caught sight of a long and gold object drifting through space as he watched the NASA livestream being transmitted from the ISS. Posting of video to YouTube on his discovery, Streetcap1 describes the UFO as a massive object in Earth’s orbit that could be miles long. He also wondered if it might be the floating city that appeared at various places around the world (but most recently in China), a cityscape that some believe is actually a portal from another dimension that has become visible.

In the video itself, the question of what the UFO might be appears along with the assertion that the enormously large and long UFO was over 200 miles above the Earth’s surface at the time its image was captured. In the description box, Streetcap1 described his YouTube offering, “I thought I was seeing things at first then quickly started recording. To my surprise they cut transmission – attempt at a joke – anyway this has to be huge whatever it is. If it were a building it would be hundreds of miles long.”

A gold UFO hundreds of miles long? The building analogy notwithstanding, if it were a massive city/spaceship approximately 200 miles in length, it would match about half the eastern seaboard megalopolis that stretches from Boston to Washington, D. C. (441 miles), since the distance from Boston to New York is 215 miles and its somewhat longer southern counterpart — New York to Washington, D. C. — is 226 miles. Regardless, that would be one massive spaceship indeed if, as Streetcap1 speculates, the gold UFO is the answer to the “floating city” mystery.

The “floating city” first appeared in the skies over the city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China in October last year. A video incorporating the original footage, which was shot by a local resident, was uploaded by the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible and has been seen over 8.5 million times to date. Strangely enough, the apparitional cityscape appeared again just days later over the province of Jiangxi, China. Reports of similar cloud cities reportedly have been sighted all around the world.

And the sightings could very well be accurate, although the “floating city” being seen by observers may not be tangible in any way. That is, the images may not be either a UFO or a city. The “floating city” phenomenon has been explained away by what is known as a Fata Morgana, which is explained by Wired as a very detailed superior mirage usually seen suspended above the horizon.

Constructing such a long and massive craft would take an extremely advanced civilization. The discovery of such an alien spaceship would certainly put to rest the current spate of studies attempting to explain why there is as yet no empirical proof of the existence of aliens (otherwise known as the continuing reinforcement of the Fermi Paradox, the position that if aliens are extant, they should have been detected by now). One such recent study, which was covered by Inquisitr, posited one reason why aliens have yet to be detected is that life on Earth was oddly premature in developing and life throughout the universe will eventually make itself known in the distant future. Of course, as another study found (also reported on by Inquisitr), the opposite could be true and billions of alien civilizations may have already lived and died out by the time life emerged on Earth.

UFO seen outside ISS

Thus far, there has been no word from NASA on the massive object seen on the NASA ISS video feed, and they may choose not to bother commenting on the odd sighting (the space agency has already made an email statement via Huffington Post about the ISS livestream feed cuts, something they say is not deliberate and part of the functionality of the camera system itself). But, given that there is nothing overly large supposed to by flying around anywhere close to a near-Earth orbit (per the Near-Earth Object Program, which tracks space rocks in our planetary vicinity), a hundreds-of-miles-long gold UFO, if it is not some space junk-spawned optical illusion, is something that might have to be addressed.

[Photo by Paul Moore/Thinkstock/Getty Images]