Missing Persons Case: Miami PD Updates Photo Of Missing Toddler, Angela Dufrene

Missing Miami toddler, Angela Marjorie Dufrene, has been making news headlines recently due to her disappearance in November of 2015. Authorities were never notified that she had gone missing or, indeed, that anything untoward had happened to her at all. The Florida Department of Children and Families discovered her absence during a visit to the home of her mother, Marjorie Dufrene, in late July of 2016.

Sadly, there seemed to be very little evidence that the missing baby girl ever existed. At first, only one picture of Angela surfaced, after Miami police asked the community for help in bringing information on Angela Dufrene to light. According to the Miami Herald, the police department released a photo depicting age progression, from the infant in the original photo to that of a 2-year-old, the age she would be today.

The Daily Mail reported last week that Marjorie Dufrene, Angela’s mother, was the subject of an anonymous call to the Florida Department of Children and Families. The caller claimed Marjorie’s three older children, who visit on weekends, did not have food to eat while in their mother’s home.

While visiting the Dufrene home, DCF workers were told by neighbors that Angela had not been seen for quite some time. Marjorie claimed, however, that she had only four children, when in fact, Angela was her fifth. The Miami police were notified right away, and birth records were researched, revealing that Angela Dufrene was born in April of 2014, along with a twin brother.

In court, Marjorie told circuit court Judge Cindy Lederman that the missing toddler had actually died, stating the baby girl had taken a fatal fall, and she had placed her little body in a Miami dumpster. Oddly enough, the mother could not immediately recall when the toddler had died and when pressed by the judge claimed it had happened sometime in November of 2015.

Considering the mother of the missing child changed the story of how Angela died several different times, Miami police are holding out hope that the girl is still alive, and have launched an investigation into her whereabouts. They are asking the Miami community, specifically in the area of Overtown, where the Dufrene family lived at the time of the toddler’s disappearance, to help in the search and come forward with any information.

As yet, no one has come forward with any pertinent information about this missing persons case, except for the lone photo of the baby girl, which seems to have been taken when she was an infant. Angela disappeared at the tender age of 19 months and would now be 2-years-old.


Marjorie Dufrene lost custody of her three older children in 2013 after countless instances of child abuse, the Inquisitr previously reported. The court system was aware that the mother was expecting twins, as she sent a letter to the judge in the attempt to postpone the payment of a fine resulting from the prior child abuse, citing she was about to deliver twins and unable to pay the fine on time. The request to postpone the fine was approved, but apparently, the fact that Marjorie Dufrene, who had lost custody of three children for abuse, was about to give birth to two more innocent children did not catch the attention of the court system or DCF.

Now, Angela is missing and may be dead. Who knows what she endured before her disappearance, or what her twin brother has gone through in the meantime. The vanished toddler’s mom has not been charged. Angela Dufrene’s older siblings reside with their father, Lewis Dufrene, and her twin brother is now in foster care.

[Image via Miami Police Department]