Duggar Family Announces Jill And Derick Back In The U.S. In Time For Two Weeks Of Filming Before ‘Counting On’ Resumes

The Duggar family returns to TLC in their reality show, Jill & Jessa: Counting On on August 23, and it can be expected that one feature of the show will be Jill Dillard’s return, along with husband Derick and son Israel, from Central America. Now the family has revealed when that return will take place, and it gives Jill just over two weeks to jump back into being filmed before the show returns.

Jill and Derick have been on a (oft-questioned and controversial) trip to Central America, where they say they are sharing their religious beliefs, learning Spanish, and reportedly considering adoption.

The Duggar family first announced almost a year ago that Jill and Derick would be returning to the United States for “a brief visit” this summer, though they gave no timeline indicating either when that would be or how long a “brief” visit might last.

Last month, the Duggar Family Official Facebook page announced that Jill, Derick, and Israel’s return home was imminent, though there was no indication that it would be only for a brief visit.

As viewers began questioning, Jill followed the Duggar family’s announcement on her blog, explaining that the visit would be in August and that it would be “a short stateside term that will extend into the fall.”

Duggar family: Jill DIllard returns this weekend
[Image via Facebook]

With a courtship announced for at least one of Jill’s siblings and hinted at for four more, it’s expected that the new season of Counting On will focus more on the currently unmarried Duggar siblings and a bit less on Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, but Jill’s return home will coincide with the return to television.

On Tuesday, the Duggar Family Official Facebook page announced the timing more specifically, in a post about Jenni Duggar’s ninth birthday.

“Happy 9th birthday, Jenni! You are such a treasure and a blessing to us. We are looking forward to your ice cream celebration this evening! We also loved that you want to have your real party this weekend after your ‘buddy’ Jill returns from Central America! We love you a million times over, sweet girl!”

So, Jill returns to Arkansas this week, and Counting On returns to television on the 23rd — that gives over two weeks for her to be a part of filming along with her family before the new season begins.

Is the timing deliberate? Well, again, the visit was announced almost a year ago, and a second full season of Counting On was only recently confirmed. That still leaves open the possibility that the two were timed to coincide on purpose, but there’s no confirmation of that from TLC or the Duggar family.

It’s also possible that filming has already started for Jill and Derick — they announced a “new project” in June and haven’t shared anything else about it since — their announcing it but keeping all the details secret may be a hint that it’s to be revealed in an upcoming episode.

Duggar family: new project for Jill and Derick
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“Broke ground last week on another project. Thank you to our stateside team who have been working diligently the last couple weeks (Joseph, Maxwell, DJ, and Rob)! Y’all are awesome. I praise God for your servant’s heart. #centralamericanmissions #housebuildingproject – Derick”

With an arrival date declared, there’s no doubt viewers will be keeping an eye out for the Duggar family to be filming in public. There’s already speculation that the family was filming when they visited Texas recently along with Jinger Duggar’s boyfriend, Jeremy Vuolo.

Official promotional content for the show indicates that more of the Duggar family will be featured in upcoming episodes, but it’s clear that Jill and her family intend to be back home in time to be a part of the show.

[Image via Facebook]