‘Shahs Of Sunset Reunion’ What Fans Learned [Spoilers]

Well, it started pretty well, and then the nitpicking and petty stuff starting coming out at the Shahs of Sunset reunion. Talk of Persian Time, selfishness and jealousy started to bubble over. Oddly enough, the villain in Shahs of Sunset reunions past, Mike Shouhed, was incredibly reasonable. The only bonding of the reunion comes when bashing Mike’s estranged wife Jessica, and most everyone seems to be up for that. Tweets that passed between MJ and Jessica, and Reza and Jessica are tawdry and nasty, and both MJ and Reza are happy to back it up by calling Jessica a ho.

According to the Inquisitr, as the season of Shahs of Sunset wound down, the tension between Reza and GG got more intense. In the season finale of Shahs, Reza threw a grenade at Asa’s photography exhibit by sending notes as if he were GG and apologizing for being awful. After that, GG took off her shoes, had someone hold her earrings, and went on the attack. Shervin held her back, but GG was raging, and in a cage match with Reza, many would bet on GG.

Reality Tea examined the Twitter war between Reza, MJ, and Jessica, and it put Shahs Mike Shouhed on the defense. It seems that the cast of Shahs of Sunset sees Jessica as a gold digger, and they have serious questions about how quickly Jessica found a new, albeit sketchy, man. Both MJ and Reza seem to blame the victim, as even Mike admits that he cheated on Jessica, and that’s what started the whole drama.

But Reality Tea says that Jessica perhaps is having the last laugh because she is still working as a nurse and opening her own boutique.

But TamaraTattles is reporting that the Shahs of Sunset reunion part one is all about Reza, and she calls it “The Reza Show.” It seems that for the Shahs reunion, Reza came in locked and loaded, with his scope fixed on GG. Andy Cohen wants to spend some time talking to Shervin, but when talk with Shervin turns to GG, Reza takes that as his cue and dives in.

“Reza interrupts Andy’s little Shervin time to start going in on Golnesa right away. He is super pissed about the sex tape thing. The show can’t even discuss anyone else at all with Reza making it all about him and we are not even ten minutes in. Reza just screams at Golnesa and says she needs mental help. Her BFF, Shervin just sits there while Reza screams insults at Golnesa.”

But the bulk of the reunion is about the rift between MJ and Asa, and rather than try to solve the problem, they both want to talk about where the problems started. Asa claims that this is an ongoing problem with MJ (Mercedes) as she is not a good friend, and she’s the kind of girl who is just jealous enough to try and sabotage any success you might have.

But MJ says no, the real problem started back on Mother’s Day, when MJ and her mama, Vida went on the Bravo late night show, WWHL, as an all-Shahs night. Andy Cohen poked the bear to ask prickly Vida what she thinks about each member of the Shahs cast, and she did not hold back. When she got to Asa, she said that Asa needs to stop using the show for her business ventures, but truthfully, everyone has an agenda (SkinnyGirl cocktail anyone?). MJ says that Asa was upset that MJ did not stand up for her and also suspected that MJ put words in Vida’s mouth.

Whatever the origin of the issues between MJ and Asa, MJ says there is nothing more to say.

“MJ says that she and Asa are never going to be friends again and ends it with ‘With all do respect, F*** You!’ This is so weird, I never saw any of this on the show. It’s kind of sad.”

The Shahs of Sunset crew will likely continue on the same topics tomorrow night with part two of the Shahs of Sunset reunion.

What did you think of the Shahs of Sunset reunion? Will you be watching tomorrow?

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