Sarah Snyder Cheating Photo: Jaden Smith's Girlfriend Seen In Bed With Another Man, Jaden Tagged In The Picture

Sarah Snyder has become known to the world as Jaden Smith's girlfriend, but a cheating scandal blowing up online could soon have her known as the young actor/Twitter philosopher's ex-girlfriend instead.

The two have been together for more than a year now, and their ups and downs have played out through celebrity gossip outlets and social media. It appears that they're now headed for a big down --- and a potential breakup.

Shortly after the couple was seen showing some PDA at a New York movie premiere, a photo emerged online showing Sarah in bed with another man, a photographer named Gunner. As if that wasn't bad enough, Hollywood Life noted that Gunner tagged Jaden in the caption, making the drama as public as possible.

The report shared more details about the photo of Sarah Snyder in bed with another man.

"The picture has since been deleted, but according to screen grabs it was posted at 10:16pm on August 1. In the picture, which looks like it may have even been taken by Sarah, she is closest to the camera and covered up by a white comforter. Her shoulder appears completely bare, but Gunner, who is laying beside her furthest from the camera, is wearing a t-shirt. Like we said: totally sketchy."
Just hours before the cheating scandal broke out, Sarah Snyder and Jaden Smith were seen displaying affection at the New York City premiere of Suicide Squad, holding hands and sharing some passionate kisses. TMZ reported that Jaden could barely keep his hands off his girlfriend.
As Hollywood Life pointed out, Jaden Smith's parents seemed to have their suspicious about Sarah Snyder long before the cheating scandal erupted. Jada Pinkett Smith was reportedly very worried when she learned that Snyder had a 2013 arrest for breaking and entering and another in 2015 for allegedly stealing a handbag --- a Hermes purse that had a price tag of nearly $16,000. She was charged with felony grand larceny.

"Jada is very protective of her children, especially when it comes to the people they date," a source told the outlet. "She and Will know Sarah, as Jaden has known her for a while. Jada is concerned about Jaden's relationship with her. She's dated other guys in Jaden's group of friends and has now moved on to him, which Jada doesn't like."

The source went on to say that the Smith family hadn't known about Sarah's arrests until she and Jaden were already dating, but noted that Jada had her doubts even before it was discovered. As such, Jada wanted the then 19-year-old girl on a short leash.

"Jada had her concerns about Sarah before, so she certainly doesn't like the fact that she has a secret arrest record," the source added. "If Sarah hurts Jaden or gets him into any trouble, Jada will go off. It will not be pretty."

But the source added that Will Smith had a more relaxed approach to the relationship, saying he was happy if Jaden was happy.

Oddly enough, it was Jaden Smith being accused of cheating just a few weeks ago. On his 18th birthday, Jaden was spotted out at the popular eatery Sketch with his sister Willow and a group of friends. Included in that group was an unidentified brunette who seemed to get a lot of Jaden's attention, the Daily Mail reported. Sarah Snyder was nowhere to be seen.

Sarah Snyder has once again disappeared in the wake of this week's cheating scandal. Her Instagram page has reportedly gone private for a time (though it's now back up again), and Jaden Smith is no longer following her.

[Image via Instagram/Sarah Snyder]