‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Working Out Again

Many fans of TLC’s Sister Wives noticed that during Season 7 of Sister Wives, second wife Janelle Brown’s weight loss journey seemed to stall out and even started heading in reverse. On the “Tell All” season finale episode, it appeared that Janelle was gaining much of the weight she had lost back. Now it looks like Janelle is back in the weight loss groove and hitting it hard at the gym.

In 2013, Janelle started actively trying to lose weight and openly shared her journey on Sister Wives. In this TLC YouTube video, Janelle shares that she first started seriously thinking about losing weight after a close friend lost 100 pounds. Her friend’s success helped her believe that she could lose weight too. She started out by seeking the help of a professional trainer, but soon the excitement and joy of working towards a goal wore off. She wrote herself some motivational cards during her lowest point to help remind herself why she was working so hard for this goal. Here is a list of several of her motivational reminders.

  • You will be thin enough to do things you want to do with your kids and you will have the energy to do them.
  • You will feel more confident in new business situations.
  • People will see “you.”
  • You’ll have more clothes.
  • You can sit on and in any chair.
  • You will no longer be handicapped.
  • You will have the energy you need to accomplish everything.
  • Your feet won’t hurt so much.
  • You will have more choices.
  • You won’t worry about having your picture taken.

The photos below are showing the weight difference you can see in Janelle’s face. The first photo is of Janelle in May of 2013, and the second photo is of Janelle in January of 2016. It’s clear Janelle is slowing starting to gain back the weight she had lost.

Many are wondering if the weight gain was a result of first wife Meri Brown’s emotional affair. The Brown family was shook to their core last year when they learned that Meri had been having an online emotional affair. To make matters worse, the family learned later that the person Meri was having an emotional affair with was not even a man, but a woman from Oklahoma, Jackie Overton, who was catfishing Meri. Kody, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn all stood behind Meri, but it was clear her actions put a strain on the marriage.

Meri and Janelle also worked to improve their relationship during Sister Wives Season 7, but it came with several speed bumps. Meri and Janelle process things differently and the two struggled to work together on projects. Meri is very straightforward and to the point, and Janelle takes time to think about what she is going to say before she speaks. In the YouTube video below, you can see how Meri and Janelle misinterpreted what it meant to plan for Thanksgiving center pieces. Janelle’s weight gain is apparent in this video as well.

What are your thoughts on Janelle Brown’s weight gain? Do you think it has anything to do with her sister wife Meri’s affair? Do you think Janelle’s weight loss went on the back burner while her family was dealing with the fallout from the affair? Do you think Janelle’s focus on improving her relationship with Meri took the place of focusing on weight loss? Are you happy to hear that she is heading back to the gym and working on losing weight again? Leave your feedback in the comments section below, and be sure to check back with the Inquisitr for news on whether or not Sister Wives will be renewed for Season 8.

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