‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews Cause Fans To Respond With GIFs

Suicide Squad reviews are in, and they’re leaving the Internet in an uproar. First, Suicide Squad is one of the most, if not the most, anticipated films released this summer. It’s one of few films featuring a cast of villains, and DC Comics fans are thrilled. Unfortunately, thrilled is not a word reviewers are using to describe the film. The Verge pointed to messy and confused stories, and it seemed Rolling Stone could barely muster up one star for the film, and the Chicago Times called it a “Mega-Stuffed Super Hero Mess.” The reviews are really awful, but that doesn’t seem to be causing anyone to tear up their advanced purchased tickets or make other plans once the movie is released. In fact, Suicide Squad fans have united in full force with GIFs and memes depicting how they felt after reading some of the Suicide Squad reviews.

This GIF shared on Twitter features Marguerite Perrin from Trading Spouses fame. That’s dark-sided God’s warrior for the uninformed.

The Rotten Tomatoes GIF is rather creative, but don’t let it fool you. Suicide Squad fans aren’t judging their reviews by rotting vegetables.

Most fans on Twitter are clearly indicating they aren’t paying any attention to the Suicide Squad reviews and plan on seeing it in theaters despite what anyone says. It looks like Suicide Squad might be a blockbuster due to the power of social media and not what the critics are saying.

This GIF channels up a bit of Adam Sandler to express their disbelief that Suicide Squad could actually be bad. That seems to be an ongoing theme with fans. They simply don’t believe it could be as bad as the critics’ reviews say and will see it for themselves. Are the Suicide Squad reviews wrong?

This fan clearly expresses his dismay upon reading the Suicide Squad reviews and calls upon another comic book hero to make his point: Batman. Fans aren’t the only ones to use Batman to express their feelings about the film. In the Variety Suicide Squad review, we read the following summary.

“The Joker and Harley Quinn steal the show in this DC Comics-style riff on ‘The Dirty Dozen,’ which shares the same bleak view of superheroes as ‘Batman v Superman.'”

Apparently, Batman disagrees.

IndieWire called Suicide Squad a hot mess in their review. But reviews like these aren’t connecting with fans.

This fan is ready to step over the dropped bodies of critics to see the film, with a posse of Suicide Squad fans in tow. In fact, Batman News reports that Suicide Squad has just broken a record in Fandango pre-order ticket sales.

Could the bad Suicide Squad reviews drive a superhero to drink? Maybe and maybe not, we won’t know until everyone sees it. At least the Independent reports that Suicide Squad is not nearly as dark and depressing as Batman vs Superman but there’s not enough Joker. Okay Superman, have another shot, you deserve it.

Some Suicide Squad fans are trying to avoid the Suicide Squad review GIFs by tweeting GIFs to express how they’re trying to avoid the review GIFs. It gets confusing. One thing that isn’t confusing is that despite the negative critic reviews, Suicide Squad looks like it should break box-office weekend records, according to Deadline.

The projected ticket sales for the weekend box office are at an estimated $140 million for Suicide Squad which would break the current record held by Guardians of the Galaxy, according to Moviefone. That’s enough to make the Joker laugh at the dismal Suicide Squad reviews.

What do you think about the negative and bad Suicide Squad reviews? Will they keep you from seeing Suicide Squad this weekend?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]