Fiona Apple Really Is A ‘Criminal’, Arrested For Marijuana Possession

‘Criminal’ singer Fiona Apple once sang “all I need is a good defense, because I’m feeling like a criminal” and now she really could use that “good defense.” Fiona’s tour bus was pulled over at a Texas border stop on Wednesday and authorities found hashish about the vehicle.

The arrest occurred in Sierra Blanca, Texas, the same location where Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Armie Hammer were all arrested for drug possession in the past. Those arrests also occurred during border crossing attempts.

After police discovered the hashish they arrested the 35-year-old singer and booked her at Hudspeth County Jail.

Fiona Apple’s reps have not released a statement at this time. If I was able to pick her statement I would steal a line from her 1997 Video Music Awards in which she proclaimed:

“This world is bullshit, and you shouldn’t model your life on what we think is cool, and what we’re wearing and what we’re saying.”

Okay maybe just the first four words are needed based on her arrest.

TMZ which reported the arrest lists the story as developing.

Fiona Apple is currently awaiting release for the possession arrest. The singer is suppose to perform Thursday night in Austin, Texas.

Do you think marijuana should be legalized or in the least decriminalized?