WWE News: The Latest Update On Big E’s ‘Injury’ From Raw, How Will It Affect The New Day Vs. Anderson And Gallows?

The New Day have been the WWE World Tag Team Champions for 345 days and counting. Not only are they currently on the longest Tag Team title reign in WWE history, but they have held the titles for more combined days than any other team in WWE history. It’s debatable, but The New Day may be the most successful WWE tag team of all time.

Despite rumors that Vince McMahon and WWE officials were leaning towards breaking up The New Day since it’s impossible for them to reach a higher summit as a tag team, but the trio was able to survive the WWE Draft and brand extension. Just like the WWE Universe, the powers that be in WWE didn’t want the last day of The New Day to come either.

Unfortunately, that day will come eventually. In the meantime, The New Day are still the WWE Tag Team Champions, and it would be a shame for another tag team not to get the momentum boost of finally being the team to dethrone them. After this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, The New Day could be in serious jeopardy of having their title reign come to an end.

The New Day Enters the Arena as the WWE Tag Team Champions
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On Raw, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows challenged The New Day to a match, but one member would have to be banned from ringside. Xavier Woods ended up being banned, so the match was Big E and Kofi Kingston against Anderson and Gallows. Big E and Kofi got the win, but Anderson and Gallows laid out every member of The New Day, including Xavier Woods in a brutal beatdown that also may have taken Big E out of action for the foreseeable future in the storyline.

The following update on Big E’s condition after the attack by Anderson and Gallows was posted on WWE shortly after Raw:

“WWE Tag Team Champion Big E suffered an injury at the hands of Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson following their match on Raw, WWE.com can confirm.”

“After Gallows & Anderson pulled Big E groin-first into the turnbuckle at the end of a post-match brawl between Gallows, Anderson and the entirety of The New Day, the WWE Tag Team Champion was taken to the trainer’s room. He underwent several tests and medical examinations, but WWE officials did not confirm the specifics or severity of Big E’s injury at this time.”

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Could Be the Team to Finally Dethrone The New Day
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This injury angle could ultimately lead to The New Day losing the WWE Tag Team Championship to Anderson and Gallows. A match hasn’t been confirmed for WWE Summerslam between the two teams, but it’s only a matter of time. Now that Anderson and Gallows have taken out Big E, they’ll have even numbers heading into their WWE Tag Team title match.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are a great team to defeat The New Day. They’ve got a brutal style, and they’re a decorated tag team from New Japan, so they’re qualified to dethrone The New Day. There have also been rumors about some WWE personnel being upset about how Anderson and Gallows have been booked since debuting on WWE television.

They’ve lost a lot more matches than a lot of people would have liked thus far on WWE programming, but defeating The New Day and becoming the new WWE Tag Team Champions is a great way to boost the momentum of Anderson and Gallows. WWE still has to confirm the match between the two teams, but last year, The New Day won the WWE Tag Team titles at WWE Summerslam. This year, it may be a completely different story for The New Day.

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