‘GTA V’ Update Lets Players Design Their Own Online Stunt Races, Available Now

Following last month’s launch of Grand Theft Auto V‘s Cunning Stunts update, users can now build their own custom stunt races thanks to today’s update to GTA Online‘s in-game mission creation tools which are now ready for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Even if fans aren’t interested in designing their own raceways themselves, they can still try out all of the new user-generated content now that Rockstar Games has announced the release of the Stunt Race Creator.

Rockstar Games first announced their desire to give gamers the ability to build custom stunt races this past May when the developer outlined this year’s upcoming plans for Grand Theft Auto V. As the developer explained, the new Stunt Race Creator update empowers the GTA Online community to expand upon the daredevil content that was first introduced in the Cunning Stunts DLC. By putting the power to create stunt missions in the hands of the game’s large player base, fans can likely expect a near endless supply of new stunt races.

“Cunning Stunts has already delivered 27 death-defying Stunt Races alongside a host of new stunt-ready vehicles and more, adding a whole new dimension to GTA Online racing… Now, prepare for an unrelenting barrage of new and outlandish custom Races with today’s launch of the Stunt Race Creator. With this latest addition to the GTA Online Creator tool, anyone can build and share their own custom stunt courses with the entire population of racers, stunters and daredevils throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.”

GTA V stunt race
Custom stunt races are now live in GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]

With the tools included in the Stunt Race Creator update, Grand Theft Auto V fans can now make their own high-adrenaline races similar to the ones Rockstar Game’s built for the Cunning Stunts DLC. This week’s update features a variety of different construction items that will allow users to piece together custom-raised racetracks full of dizzying loops, twists, and turns. The individual track segments can be easily snapped onto each other within GTA Online‘s existing mission creator. Hundreds of new props have been added to the game to ensure that gamers can design plenty of unique stunt races.

GTA V race loop
Loops are just one of the possibilities in GTA Online's stunt races [Image via Rockstar Games]

In addition to the release of the Stunt Race Creator, today’s update also brings a new Adversary Mode to Grand Theft Auto Online. In this new Entourage mode, one team will act as bodyguards to a predesignated target who they must safely escort to a specific extraction point on the map. However, they must deal with an opposing team of players whose only goal is to assassinate the high-profile target.

The key to winning the Entourage Adversary Mode lies in a combination of good communication and teamwork. Only the player marked as the target can see exactly where the extraction point is so they must relay the information to their bodyguards so that everyone on the team knows where they are going. Furthermore, the radar blips for assassins are also only visible to the target player. This forces teams to communicate in order to be effective.

To encourage players to try out GTA Online‘s newest Adversary Mode, Rockstar Games is now offering double rewards for participating in a new Entourage match. From now until August 11, users can also earn extra cash and RP for trying out select missions that can currently be accessed from a limited in-game playlist.

To commemorate the launch of the Stunt Race Creator, all of the new clothing and stunts that were originally released with last month’s Cunning Stunts update can now be purchased for 25 percent off.

GTA Online Entourage Event
GTA Online is holding a special in-game event this week [Image via Rockstar Games]

Today’s Grand Theft Auto Online update is now live on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. As with all new content, these features aren’t available on last-gen versions of the game due to system limitations.

Do you have any plans to build your own stunt race in GTA V?

[Image via Rockstar Games]