Police: Florida Woman Poured Boiling Soup On Boyfriend’s Face

A Florida woman has been arrested after a brief manhunt in a shocking case of alleged domestic violence against her live-in boyfriend. The New York Daily News reports that 41-year-old Misty Childs is facing charges of attempted murder after she allegedly poured boiling soup over the man’s face.

The incident reportedly took place after the two had gotten into an argument on Monday evening. Reports haven’t clarified what the couple fought about, but at some point during the middle of the night, things took a horrifying turn. Police say that the Florida woman poured an entire pot of boiling soup all over the man as he slept. The alleged assault instantly woke the man up, who ran from the bedroom as his skin melted from the scalding liquid soup.

The couple’s roommates were present during the incident and said that the Florida man ran out of the room and shouted in pain as he described what had happened. He was tearing at his shirt, which was stuck to his scalded body. One roommate, Wesley Clark, spoke to reporters about the horrifying incident.

“I ran inside and he said, ‘She burned me! She burned me!’ And he ripped his tank top off. It was stuck to his back. Then he just fell over on the couch flat.”

The Tampa Bay Reporter explains that the 46-year-old victim is listed in critical condition after being severely burned in the incident. Meanwhile, police are treating this case very seriously. A spokesperson for the police department explained the charge of attempted murder when addressing the bizarre weapon used in the violent incident.

“The scalding water went into his nose, his mouth and all the way down his throat. So the issue here is not just the burning of the skin but the possibility of infection and that could cause death.”

A manhunt was launched for the Florida woman not long after authorities were alerted to what had allegedly happened. Fortunately, the search for Misty Childs was brief. Police were led to her location via a tip, and she was arrested without incident. Now, she’s being charged with the attempted murder of her boyfriend.

This isn’t the first time a woman has burned her significant other during a dispute. Earlier this year, a Manhattan woman was arrested after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend in a truly shocking manner. The woman, who was tired of her boyfriend cheating on her, burned him all over his body with hot cooking grease. She also allegedly stabbed him twice and then locked him in a closet.

Recently, another Florida woman has been arrested on allegations that she set her boyfriend on fire. Authorities say that 41-year-old Annie Harper doused her significant other with lighter fluid before lighting him aflame. The man suffered burns on half of his body. Fortunately, the Florida man was not fatally burned and was healthy enough to give authorities his side of the story. The same can’t be said about the man in this latest domestic violence incident out of the Sunshine State.

Authorities say that the victim of the Monday night assault is not able to speak due to the severity of his injuries. Meanwhile, the Florida man’s male roommate has called his injuries among the worst he’d ever seen. When the man is able to speak, authorities intend to find out what he and his girlfriend had been arguing about before she allegedly poured the boiling soup on him while he slept.

[Image via St. Petersburg Police]