Lindsay Lohan Boozing And Smoking After Confirming Pregnancy, Did She Finally Ditch Her Engagement Ring And Egor Tarabasov?

Lindsay Lohan is back to her partying ways, despite the confirmation of her pregnancy.

The actress was recently spotted boozing it up during a vacation in Sardinia, Italy. Was she letting loose because of her relationship woes with Egor Tarabasov?

Lohan is known for having issues with alcohol, but Radar Online reports that didn’t stop her from slurping down a bottle of beer on the beach.

In addition to the alcohol, Lohan was also spotted smoking a cigarette on her Italian getaway.

Lohan’s controversial actions follow her father’s revelations about her pregnancy.

“Lindsay told me that she is pregnant,” Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, revealed. “She sent me a text saying ‘Daddy I’m pregnant,’ and I don’t have any reason not to believe her.”

While Lohan partied it up in Italy, her fiancé was seen hanging out with an unknown woman in London, further fueling rumors of a coming split.

Lohan and Tarabasov’s relationship woes started after he allegedly cheated on her. Things took a darker turner after Lohan claimed he tried to strangle her.

Is this only the beginning of another downward spiral for the troubled star?

According to Us Magazine, Lohan was photographed making her way through Sardinia wearing a revealing halter bikini top. The actress strolled through the streets with a friend and nearly had a wardrobe malfunction.

At the same time, Lohan had also removed her engagement ring during the outing.

Did Lohan call the wedding off over the weekend?

Despite all the bad rumors, Lohan’s close friend, Hofit Golan, assured fans that Lohan is not pregnant.

“We’ve been doing acupuncture, massage, stretching, drinking lots of green juice, exploring caves, fishing, swimming, just doing normal things,” Golan shared. “Lindsay and I have known each other for years and she’s a very close friend; she’s loyal and an amazing person. It’s unfortunate that other people in her life — I’m not going to name names — are confirming she’s pregnant, which she’s not.”

Although it doesn’t sound like Lohan is pregnant at the moment, it is clear that her relationship with Tarabasov isn’t going as planned.

In fact, Lindsay Lohan called the police on her boyfriend after the strangling incident, which also inspired her trip to Italy.

“Lindsay is taking a pause in her relationship and joined my friends and I on holiday,” Golan confirmed. “All relationships have ups and downs, and that is what is happening with Lindsay and Egor.”

Lohan might be taking a much-needed break from the Russian businessman, but that doesn’t mean their relationship is doomed to end in the near future.

Instead, Golan hinted that Lohan and Tarabasov might eventually work things out and get back together.

“They are going through personal matters, but it doesn’t mean they’ve broken up for good,” she concluded. “Lindsay just needed a pause.”

According to Perez Hilton, Lohan still plans on walking down the aisle with Tarabasov and views the latest mishap as a small “bump in the road.”

Of course, if the couple plans on dealing with their issues then Tarabasov clearly needs to get his anger under control.

Lindsay Lohan dad Michael Lohan
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Meanwhile, People is reporting that Lohan’s father still insists that his daughter is expecting a baby.

“The last communication that I had was she told me she was pregnant. I don’t know anything other than that. I believe my daughter. I don’t think she’d lie to me about something like that,” he stated.

Lohan’s dad even revealed that he had a talk with the actress about her latest binge in Italy.

“She’s not drinking, she was smoking and I talked to her about that,” he explained. “But yeah, she’s smoking. She smoked a cigarette – I’m not saying it right that she smokes, but it happened.”

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