Police Say Fake Cop Raped A Man In His Car: 36-Year-Old Michael Leon Bell May Have Two More Victims

Michael Leon Bell was arrested by Prince George's County Police and charged with raping another man while Bell pretended to be a police officer. According to NBC Washington, the Prince George's County Police Department in Maryland provided the above undated photo to the press after police officers say that Bell pretended to be a "Sergeant" and "Special Agent" with the police department, and used that false leverage to sexually assault another man. Police arrested Bell on Thursday, November 30.

Bell, who hails from Upper Marlboro, allegedly lured a man from Maryland into his black car after approaching the man with the fake police badge hanging around his neck. As seen in the below photo, the badge has wording that says "patrol agent" and contains a black background with silver and brass-colored type of metals emblazoned with red, white, and blue designs that could be mistaken for a valid badge to the untrained eye.

Michael was wearing the badge around his neck as he drove a black 2007 Ford Crown Victoria, also pictured below, with darkened windows. Bell approached his victim on Sunday morning, who was on the 2300 block of University Boulevard. Falsely identifying himself as a cop, Bell requested ID from the victim and began patting him down.


Instead of immediately returning the man's ID, Bell kept the ID and would not give it back to his victim, according to authorities. Michael then told the man that he would take him home, claiming that the dangerous area posed a threat to him. The victim accepted the ride, but once Bell took the man to the 2100 block of Guilford Road, he allegedly began sexually assaulting him.

According to police, Bell got into the backseat of the vehicle and used his fake level of authority to force the victim to perform sexual acts. His victim, meanwhile, continually requested that Michael stop the sexual assault. After a period of time, the victim was able to escape Bell's black car, but not before grabbing a crucial piece of evidence when he was able to take a photo of the Crown Victoria's license plate.

Bell drove away at a high rate of speed, but the victim was able to call police. Authorities responded to the call for help from the victim at approximately 6:15 a.m. and were able to utilize the information from the victim's photo to track down Bell via his license plate. Bell had two more IDs from other men when he was arrested, leading police to believe he may have more sexual assault victims. Those with additional information are being asked to contact Prince George's County Police Department's Sexual Assault Unit at 301-772-4908.