‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Double Eviction Thursday? ‘BB18’ House Prepares For Surprise Vote [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers now suggest that a double elimination is coming on Thursday (August 4). The BB18 house is running around as though two houseguests are going to get evicted this week, with current Head of Household Paul Abrahamian frustrated that he cannot participate in the first HOH competition on August 4. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates relayed that information on Tuesday afternoon (August 2), underscoring the fear that some of the houseguests are experiencing.

There are just about 50 days left in the Big Brother 18 season, with 11 contestants still in the BB18 house. There is also a Return Ticket that was found by one of the houseguests in the Secret Room, meaning someone has a chance to return after one of the future “live” evictions. The houseguests all know this, which increases the odds that a double eviction is about to take place. Host Julie Chen hasn’t stated that fact just yet, but it’s a familiar theme from past seasons of the show.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul Abrahamian won the HOH for this week, giving him power in the BB18 house for the first time this season. He then nominated Bridgette Dunning and Paulie Calafiore for eviction, putting them both at risk of going home this week. The CBS live feeds provided some additional Big Brother 18 spoilers, as Paulie then won the Veto competition. At the Veto ceremony, Paulie took himself off the block, forcing Paul to name a replacement nominee. He went with Da’Vonne Rogers, putting her up against Bridgette for eviction night.

If the paranoid houseguests have correctly deduced that a double eviction will take place on August 4, then the game will go into a fast forward mode during that Thursday night episode. Julie Chen will announce that it is taking place, followed very quickly by the first eviction ceremony of the night. This is where Da’Vonne Rogers or Bridgette Dunning will exit through the front door. Then the houseguests will play the next HOH competition, with the winner immediately tasked with naming two people for eviction.

As the double eviction episode continues, the two nominees would take their seats under the monitors and prepare for the next Veto competition. Three additional houseguests would join the two nominees and the Head of Household as they compete for the Power of Veto. Following the Veto competition, the Veto ceremony would take place, leading right up to a second eviction ceremony of the night. A second houseguest would then get their one-on-one meeting with Julie Chen, and that would conclude the episode. At some point during the evening, the next HOH competition would take place.

There is a lot of drama that typically takes place during a double eviction episode, which is why these latest Big Brother 18 spoilers have already created a lot of chatter on social media. Mistakes can happen as nominations get rushed and alliances lose track of what they are supposed to be doing in the voting booth. It could also lead to a surprise houseguest getting evicted in the second ceremony, with no chance to really protect themselves through a week of pandering for votes.

It is not guaranteed that there will even be a double eviction taking place on Thursday, August 4, as the BB18 jury hasn’t even started forming. If the jury is intended to have nine people, though, this would be the perfect week to send two people into the BB18 jury house. Before that can happen, though, the houseguests have to decide whether it is Da’Vonne Rogers or Bridgette Dunning who will get evicted early in the August 4 episode. That alone could lead to more Big Brother 18 spoilers in the next 48 hours.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]