‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Casting News: One Name Leaked As Possible Contestant For The Show

Rumblings over The Bachelor 2017 casting news are in full force in the midst of so many unanswered questions about next season. The lead isn’t revealed yet, but at least one name is being leaked over who a possible contestant might be.

Us Weekly published a report last week that insinuated Michele Fitzgerald, winner of the most recent season of Survivor, might be a contestant on The Bachelor Season 21. A “witness” spotted her at a casting event held in New York City at the end of June. There’s speculation that she could be part of the cast.

Michele won Survivor: Kaho Rong — Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty II a few months ago. She’s 25 and a bartender and real estate agent living in Freehold, New Jersey.

Reality Steve reacted to all of the commotion about Michele Fitzgerald joining the cast of The Bachelor 2017 season by writing in his blog that he hasn’t heard if she’s going to be on the roster, but that final casting is this weekend. He told fans to stalk her social media to see if she’s in L.A. If Michele is conveniently on the West Coast right now, then that could be a clue she might be one of the chosen ladies for Season 21.

Steve told fans that he can easily see the Survivor winner being on the show next season.

“I could easily see her being cast on next season, for sure,” Steve wrote. “Looks like every season now stuff like this is getting leaked, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

Michele hasn’t revealed whether she’s in L.A. right now or not. Her latest message was about exercising and she joked on Monday how far behind she was in watching The Bachelorette because she was editing images of her and Robby Hayes.

“So behind on #bachelorette because I just spent 20 minutes putting snap filters on Robby and I,” she tweeted.

If anything, that tweet proves she’s a fan of the franchise.

According to Michele Fitzgerald’s bio on CBS, she loves reading, rock climbing, and traveling. It reads that among her pet peeves are “overpriced alcohol, close talkers, and self-important people.” She loves Harry Potter books and considers the character brave “in the face of darkness and adversity.” She added that she appreciates anyone who “overcomes obstacles without pitying themselves for being dealt a bad hand.” The magic blended into the stories is another attribute Michele likes about Harry Potter.

In describing her personality, the 25-year-old Survivor winner calls herself “quirky, charismatic, and adventurous.”

Michele makes no excuses over what motivated her to join Survivor. She did it for the money and for the fact that she’s an “adventure junky.” She needed to replace a car that shakes whenever it went over 50 miles per hour, so she wanted to change her financial situation. Mission accomplished!

When asked by CBS about her “personal claim to fame,” Michele highlights her interests in environmental issues.

“My time at Rock the Earth, where I toured and worked with bands raising money for environmental issues,” Michele said. “I was able to travel, listen to amazing music and educate people about important causes.”

It’s unknown if Luke Pell or Chase McNary will be named as the next Bachelor. The announcement is expected to be at the end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. Luke Pell is the favorite, but there are still other possibilities.

Will Survivor fans tune into The Bachelor 2017 if Michele Fitzgerald is a contestant on the show?

[Photo via CBS Entertainment]