Trump Kids: Eric, Ivanka Sexual Harassment Not Possible, Sister Is ‘Strong, Powerful Woman’

Eric Trump, the second son and third child of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, appeared on CBS This Morning today and spoke about his sister and his father’s campaign. The conversation turned to ousted Fox News chief Roger Ailes; some have expressed surprise and disappointment with the response from Eric: Ivanka’s sexual harassment is not possible, because his sister is a “strong, powerful woman,” as reported by Politico.

With regard to Eric Trump’s statement, former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson tweeted on the state of affairs that sees the “victim blaming women” in the year 2016.

Eric went through his father’s views on the subjects of Ivanka, sexual harassment in the workplace, and his sister’s fortitude. The 32-year-old explained how his father would react if Ivanka had been the subject of sexual harassment by Roger Ailes.

Trump has been quoted by The Young Turks as previously stating a hope that Ivanka would “find another” career or company if such an event were to ever occur.

“Well, there is no question that it should be addressed, and addressed strongly,” Eric Trump said. “Hey listen, we all run a company. My father runs a company… That is an absolute no go, anywhere.”

“Ivanka is a strong powerful woman,” Trump, the vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization explained. “She wouldn’t allow herself to be [subjected] to it. And, by the way, you should certainly take it up with human resources, and she definitely would, as a strong person. At the same time, I don’t think she would allow herself to be subjected to that.”

CBS This Morning host Charlie Rose opened this morning’s conversation with Eric by stating that it appeared that his father was “under attack” from parties ranging from John McCain to Warren Buffett, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, and that his father appeared to be on “the defensive.”

Trump answered Rose by stating that he had been advised that the “three months” after the RNC would be the worst, in terms of mud-slinging, attacks, and ruthlessness.

Rose stated that the Gold Star families are not “ruthless” and that Donald Trump seemed “late” showing an appreciation of that.

Donald Junior, Eric, and Ivanka Trump listen to their father, Donald Trump, in Ayr, Scotland. [Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images]

Eric Trump answered that his father had publicly stated that Humayun Khan looked like an “amazing guy” but that the United States has a “big problem” around the world: radical terror. He then cited several examples of recent terror attacks.

“My father’s simple message. It’s not an anti-Muslim message. It’s an anti-terror message,” Eric Trump stated.

Charlie Rose then brought up Warren Buffett’s questioning of Donald Trump’s “decency.”

Eric stated that Buffett is espousing the views he does because he backs Hillary Clinton and is on the side of the Democrats. The Trump heir voiced the opinion that Warren Buffett backs Hillary Clinton for business reasons, such as not wanting the Keystone Pipeline to be approved, and protecting his own interests.

Trump is then asked if perhaps the Trump family should “apologize” or “tone it down.”

Trump: Eric, Ivanka sexual harassment not possible in Trump or other workplace because sister is 'strong, powerful' woman.
Donald Jr. (L), Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany Trump [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Eric responded that he has been present for all of his father’s debates, as well as attending “hundreds” of rallies. He noted that his father mentioned Veteran’s Affairs as one of his top three orders of business consistently, including what “bad” shape it is in. Trump spoke of a perceived irony in being asked to apologize to Gold Star families and his father’s true, publicly offered beliefs. He also noted the irony with how the mother of fallen veteran Sean Smith, Pat, has been treated, being given only “70 seconds” of time on air, while the Khan family has been given “hours and hours.”

Eric Trump voiced the opinion that “Hillary was the one that left them on the roof” in Benghazi.

CBS This Morning host Norah O’Donnell then pointed out that part of the reason that Pat Smith’s speech at the RNC was not well covered was because his father had called into Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly while it was in progress.

“Eric simple minded Trump,” Christina Corona wrote with regard to the assertion that Ivanka Trump being a strong person could prevent sexual assault from occurring to her and Eric Trump’s CBS This Morning comments earlier today.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]