National Coloring Book Day: Free Coloring Books, Pages, And Coloring Book Party Resources

August 2 is National Coloring Book Day, and there are lots of free coloring books and pages that you can download today.

Long before there was the internet, home printers, and the ability to find coloring books online and download and print them, there was Dover Publications. Dover published numerous books of original scans that were in the public domain. They compiled these images into countless books and coloring books, and over the years, the company built an extensive library along with their reputation as the leader in coloring books. Many Dover coloring books are revered for their accuracy, historic detail, and educational value.

Therefore, its should come as no surprise that Dover Publications is the force behind National Coloring Book Day. You can find out more about the history of Dover Publications at Funding Universe. Not only is Dover Publications the source behind National Coloring Book Day, they are giving away a free coloring book today, as well as the chance to win $25 in store credit.

Dover has the website, which includes a free mini coloring book available to download, a chance to win $25 in store credit, a history of the coloring books they’ve published in a timeline format, a coloring book newsletter you can join, and tips for celebrating National Coloring Book Day.

Coloring books are no longer playthings for keeping children occupied. There is a growing trend in adults using coloring books as a way of relaxation, improving focus and clarity, and stimulating creativity. Dover recommends that for National Coloring Book Day, adults join a coloring book party, and they have an extensive list of participating coloring book parties by state that you can attend. Those who can’t attend a coloring party in person can join in online.

You can find out more about Dover Publications, National Coloring Book Day, and their resources through their social media networks on Facebook and Twitter.

Although Dover Publications is known for their historical coloring books, they have many modern coloring books as well. Here are some examples of Dover coloring books, and don’t forget, if you visit the official Coloring Book Day website, you can download a free coloring book. They have several contests you can enter too.

While there is a huge amount of Dover coloring books available for celebrating National Coloring Book Day, Dover doesn’t have the monopoly in the coloring book industry, though they do have an impeccable reputation. Dover often gives away free coloring pages on their website, but for National Coloring Book day, there are a lot of companies, libraries, and artists giving away free coloring books and coloring pages as well.

Those who enjoy the therapeutic aspects of coloring will appreciate these free, 18 coloring pages from David Wolfe. They include mandalas, masks, butterflies, and more.

The Digital Library has three, free coloring books they are giving away today.

Harry Potter fans will want to check out these free Harry Potter coloring pages.

Here are coloring pages free for all from rare books.

So what if it’s summer vacation. There’s never a bad time for teaching children about biology in a fun atmosphere. These two free coloring books teach human biology at the cellular level. What kid wouldn’t like that?

Smithsonian Libraries is giving away free coloring pages and wants to see the finished work!

Red Ted Art has two lovely owl pictures for adult coloring you can print from their official website.

Owl Colouring Pages for Grown Ups

Concordia Publishing is giving away two intricately designed coloring pages perfect for adults who enjoy coloring.

The Christian and Bible publisher Zondervan Publishing is giving away five sample pages from their Bible verses coloring book.

How will you celebrate National Coloring Book day? Will you stay in and color or join a coloring book party? Don’t forget to share your photos and artwork with the hashtag #NationalColoringBookDay.

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