Bethenny Frankel Dishes On ‘RHONY’ Reunion, Says She Went ‘Gangster’

Bethenny Frankel has been getting a lot of press regarding this season of The Real Housewives of New York. Drama has ensued among the ladies with the help of Dorinda Medley stirring the pot.

Frankel teamed up with Carole Radiziwill this season, and the two have been accused of being the “mean girls” in regards to their comments. While the season was taped months ago, the reunion was shot just a few weeks ago. It looks like fans are in for a surprise when a different side of Frankel is revealed.

The drama has been running high between Bethenny Frankel and the rest of the ladies on The Real Housewives of New York. The last things fans saw were the texts she received regarding LuAnn de Lesseps’ new man. As it turns out, Frankel shares them with her frenemy.

According to Reality Tea, Bethenny Frankel really lets loose at the reunion. She talked about the way she acted on her radio show when Carole Radziwill dropped by. In fact, Frankel insists she went “gangster” on the ladies, and Radziwill agrees with her. What set her off is the drama between de Lesseps and the rest of the woman regarding Tom. It appears that he has slept his way through the circle of friends, leading to the speculation he isn’t in it for love.

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It started to go downhill for Bethenny Frankel when she began picking on Jules Wainstein at the pizza place. The ladies were having jokes at her expense, and Carole Radziwill was the leader of the pack. From then on, things traveled downhill fast. Frankel tried to exclude LuAnn de Lesseps from the Mexico trip (that never happened due to Frankel’s medical issues) on behalf of Radziwill.

At this point in the season, the two have remained civil, but it didn’t last long. The reunion is really when Frankel let it all out and in a not-so-nice way. She references feeling “gross” for at least a week after the taping. Radziwill agreed, stating she went home to shower immediately.

Things will get interesting when Bethenny Frankel drops the text bombshell on LuAnn de Lesseps during tomorrow’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York. The anticipation has been building, and it is rumored to be a game changer for all of the ladies on the yacht. With Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan both having been involved with de Lesseps’ new man, things get awkward. Frankel and Radziwill discussed what they think will happen with the wedding, and both agreed they would be invited if it was being filmed for the network. Whether or not they would both attend is an entirely different story.

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There has been a lot happening in Bethenny Frankel’s life over the last several months. She had been battling through a divorce for several years, and it was finalized just a few weeks ago. The topic was a hot storyline last season on the show, but it has not been talked about much during the current season. On top of that madness, Frankel has been dealing with health issues. Fans got a peek into what was going on with her when Dorinda Medley took her to the doctor after she almost passed out while they were shopping. Her health concerns were also the cause for the Mexico trip being canceled.

As this season of The Real Housewives of New York winds down, Bethenny Frankel gets wound up. There is so much for her to be angry about with this group of women, but specifically, the issues of Sonja Morgan and her business are what is making her blood boil. It is an entirely different ball game, and when someone attacks her income, and Bethenny Frankel automatically goes on the offensive.

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