‘Game Of Thrones’ Spin-Offs: 5 Ideas Fans Want To See

Game of Thrones may be ending with Season 8, but that doesn’t mean the whole universe has to come to an end. HBO has already confirmed that a spin-off is possible as long as the showrunners are happy doing one.

There are plenty of spin-off ideas available for Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin has already created prequel books, which would make the first of five great spin-off ideas. Fans will get to see the Mad King and the buildup to the war. They would get to see a young Ned Stark become friends with Robert Baratheon and fight on his side.

While there are flashbacks now and then, they’ve not been enough for fans. Some want to see Lyanna Stark’s storyline play out in full, especially now that one particular theory has finally been confirmed.

The Telegraph suggests Tales of Dunk and Egg is a possibility for a pre-written Martin spin-off.

Westeros wasn’t always seven kingdoms united under the Iron Throne. The kingdoms were originally all separate, and that could be one of the stories to tell. This would focus on Aegon Targaryen and how he became the Conqueror.

While it is a prequel, there isn’t much that would be easy to work out. There wouldn’t be any crossover characters since the storyline is set around 300 years before Game of Thrones. It would also mean plenty of dragons!

A third option for a spin-off would be to focus on Cersei and Jaime as they grew up and fell in love. It would be a more romance drama, but there would still be plenty of guts and gore. After all, Jaime eventually went off to join the King’s Guard, and it would be interesting to see Cersei’s feelings as all that played out.

This spin-off would open the chance for Tyrion to appear. Of course, it couldn’t be Peter Dinklage from the start, but there is the opportunity for him later.

Likewise, a spin-off with Catelyn Stark and how she was supposed to marry one Stark brother but ended up with Ned would make a spin-off opportunity. This would allow fans to see how she dealt with Ned bringing back baby Jon and the betrayal she felt believing that he had had an affair with someone else.

This spin-off would also allow for more of a focus on Ned raising his nephew in secret. He would have had to develop a backstory for the affair and face his own family with news that his sister was dead.

The final Game of Thrones spin-off idea would depend on how the show ends. Season 8 is going to bring an end to the adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, and it doesn’t mean a complete end to the show. Is it possible that the showrunners are working on a future for Thrones, maybe focusing a few years into the future with the end of the Lanisters and the rise of the Targareyns and Starks?

Side characters could be focused on in the future rather than those with a bigger storyline in the current show. For example, Tormund and Brienne could star in a show focusing on the aftermath of the final big battle. Maybe even Varys’ life after the fighting is done?

Game of Thrones Season 8 doesn’t have to be the complete end of the universe. There are plenty of ideas for spin-offs out there. Fans want to focus on smaller characters introduced in the show or know more about the backstories of those main characters, including how did they become the people they are in the show right now.

What your Game of Thrones spin-off preference?

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