‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Reunion Preview [Spoilers]

Shahs of Sunset has come to the end of another season, but is the cast of Shahs farther apart than ever before? Sure, much of the drama on Shahs of Sunset is just for television, but the marriage and likely divorce of Mike Shouhed are for real. Add to that the falling out over all of GG’s friends doubting that she has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and it’s hard to imagine that the bond that existed between the Persian crew of Shahs of Sunset can continue. And now, it sounds like a big part of the Shahs of Sunset reunion will be about a rift between Mercedes and Asa, which has come out of left field.

According to the Inquisitr, the season finale of Shahs of Sunset ended with a bang as GG literally tried to kill Reza. The rumor that GG, who seems a bit unstable on a good day, has a video of Reza and another man, involved in sexual activity at the gym is keeping everyone on edge. GG has been cooking up some revenge because Reza doubted how much she was suffering from RA, and she isn’t going to let it go and just walk away from Reza like most people would. And if such a video existed, who carries this around on their phone GG?

E! Online says that with all of the drama that has been brewing this season, it’s ironic that a battle between Asa, one of the most level-headed stars of Shahs of Sunset, and Mercedes is going to rule the day. It sounds like Asa and Mercedes are friends no more, and on the Shahs reunion, Andy Cohen is trying to get to the bottom of it. It seems that Asa has some serious questions about Mercedes and loyalty, as in, according to Asa, Mercedes does not know the meaning of the word.

“MJ, unfortunately, so many of her decisions are based on jealousy. MJ is not a loyal friend. She doesn’t root for me, she doesn’t want me to win.”

But Mercedes insists that the breakdown of the friendship happened around Mother’s Day when she was on WWHL with her mother, Vida. Mercedes believes that Asa is too sensitive.

“You’re thin-skinned. Your skin is thin. You have no skin! We’re never gonna be friends again and I don’t want to. I’m sorry. With all due respect, f–k you.”

But have no fear, Reza and GG will mix it up again at the Shahs of Sunset reunion, and fans will learn more about what is bubbling to the surface between the two of them. And fans of Shahs will learn the state of the relationship between Mercedes and Tommy, and a special guest will continue to make things awkward.

Mercedes’ mother Vida comes to check in on the couch to give her point of view on Mercedes, Tommy, and what she thinks of their relationship (spoiler, Vida still thinks Tommy is a loser).

Monsters & Critics reveals that there will be a breakdown on the Shahs of Sunset reunion, and the loudest tears come from Reza. Reza doesn’t want to talk about the fact that he doubted that GG has RA, but instead, he wants GG to apologize for what she has done to his other relationships and his reputation.

“I said, ‘Golnesa do you have a tape?’. I wanted you to say ‘no’!” His voice then cracks and the tears start, as he continues: “Do you know what it does to my credibility?”

But GG has no interest in sitting still and taking any abuse from Reza, and she wants to know if Reza has any thoughts at all about her credibility, and what it meant that Reza questioned that she was lying about having RA. Mercedes jumps in to compel GG to get real and think about others.

And as much as Asa tends to be the voice of wisdom on Shahs of Sunset, the entire cast wants to know why Asa does not portray her “real life” on Shahs.

Will you be watching the Shahs of Sunset reunion tonight?

[Photo by Evan Agostini/AP Images]