‘Chicago Fire’ Season 5 Gets ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Alum

Chicago Fire Season 5 is going to get even more sizzling with its recent cast addition. Grey’s Anatomy alum Scott Elrod is joining the cast for a few episodes, and he will interact with fan-favorite Severide.

Elrod is best known for his role of Joe Clarke in The Young and the Restless, since that is one of his most recent roles. However, he made a name for himself as a love interest for Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12. This was after Derek Sheppard’s death, and he played Dr. William Thorpe. It’s understandable considering the Mer-Der following that the character didn’t have that much support with the Grey’s fans. He has also had small roles in NCIS: Los Angeles and How to Get Away With Murder.

There is hope that he will have a better chance on Chicago Fire Season 5. He will play celebrity Travis Brenner, who has a million followers on Instagram and plenty more in real life. Taylor Kinney’s Severide will come in contact with him, and is soon interested in that fast-paced lifestyle, according to Entertainment Weekly. Will he make the decision to leave the firehouse, or will he put his work family first?

It will be tempting for Severide to pack it all in. Travis will always have a party or adventure. He has this lifestyle that is easily attractive to many people. To make it harder for Severide to say no, Travis sees him as a true friend and not one of the entourage members Travis is used to. Not only will it all lead to some questions for Severide in Chicago Fire Season 5, but it will also lead to mischief.

So far, Elrod has been confirmed for three episodes, but there may be more in the future.

There have been numerous rumors that Kinney will step away from Chicago Fire. While he was seen in the city filming, there is currently no confirmation that he will be around for the full season. If he does leave, it wouldn’t be the first time a regular actor has made a shock exit mid-season. Patrick Dempsey was suddenly killed off in Grey’s Anatomy Season 11, despite being signed on for Season 12. Criminal Minds fans also had to say goodbye to Derek Morgan when Shemar Moore decided it was time to step away from the show. Luckily, his exit has been a little less permanent, as the character chose family over the BAU.

The Kinney rumors included him deciding to put his love life with Lady Gaga first. The two reportedly split up earlier this year, just before Kinney would have to go back to the Fire set. Their work had broke them apart, and it is possible that he would rectify that by not being forced to be in Chicago for the majority of the year to film, while her work took her everywhere else.

This Chicago Fire Season 5 storyline with Elrod certainly makes it look possible. Kinney’s character could take a route out of Chicago and away from the firehouse, giving the actor more space and time. However, it is unusual for production companies and actors to keep their leaving decisions a secret. Some view it as a betrayal to the fans, and a sneaky way to create a shock factor. Both The Vampire Diaries and NCIS made it clear that one of their leads were leaving their shows months before it happened.

Chicago Fire returns on October 11 at 10p.m. on NBC. Fans will get a first glimpse of Elrod’s new character very soon, and be able to see if Severide will make the decision to leave.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]