August 6, 2016
Alabama Woman Denied Early Parole: Mother Broiled Her Toddler In The Oven 14 Years Ago

An Alabama woman responsible for broiling her toddler in the oven over 14 years ago was requesting early parole, but was denied. Ashley Smith, who was almost broiled to death, is 15-years-old and alive to speak of that unimaginable time in her life.

After over 10 years of multiple surgeries, 28 to be exact, Ashley has been able to painfully recover. More than one-third of her body was burnt, charred, and scarred after her mother put her in a searing hot oven. Ashley would not be alive today had her father, Robert Smith, not pulled her from the oven after hearing her screams. Us Weekly Magazine reports.

Melissa Wright, 40, told authorities that her daughter fell out of her arms and into the oven while she was cooking, alleging that the oven door then shut Ashley in. At a later time, Wright said "voices" made her put Ashley in the oven, according to The Kansas City Star.

During the hearing, District Attorney Randall Houston showed the graphic pictures of Ashley's toddler body covered in bandages. He reminded the board that this was no accident.
"At the time it happened, the evidence showed that Melissa had removed the racks out of the oven, turned it to broil, waited for it to heat up and put Ashley head-first into that oven."
Courtney Brunson, Smith's sister, gave her input on the situation in favor of Melissa Wright.
"I went to visit her multiple times. She has went through classes for mental health. She has been through child-abuse classes. She has actually got the help she needs. She is on the right medication to help her with her mental illness. I feel like she has changed. When I go visit her, I can actually see the difference in her."
When Ashley had the opportunity to speak, she was not in favor of her mother's wish for early parole.
"I do not hate Melissa, but I do not love her. I forgave Melissa."
Ashley is concerned that her niece and nephew will be unsafe if Melissa would be paroled.
"They are about the same ages as me and Courtney when this happened. I honestly do not trust her and I'm afraid for their safety. I can't imagine anybody being in as much pain as I was in."
Wright was originally charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Early parole was denied for Wright. The earliest she is eligible for parole is 2021.

Judge denies early parole for Alabama mom who broiled her toddler 14 years ago
[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]The district attorney and state attorney general's office both agreed with Houston that Wright should serve all of her sentence.

Ashley has been living with her aunt and uncle, whom she now calls mom and dad. Her older sister, who was 8 at the time of the incident, went to live with different relatives.

"I can't imagine anyone being in as much pain as I went through mentally and physically. Now I have a great life thanks to my mom, dad, stepbrothers and sisters."
Just last March, a Texas woman repeated the disgusting act after allegedly putting her toddler in the oven. The 2-year-old girl is expected to live, but has third-degree burns on nearly two-thirds of her body, Snopes reports.
It was reported that the woman may have be under the influence of alcohol and K2, a recreational drug, during the time that she put her toddler in the oven.

The cases against these "moms" who scorched their children nearly to death are unthinkable and unimaginable. Justice has been served in this case and Melissa Wright will need to wait at least five more years to be released from jail. Of course, it is good to see that Ashley is in high spirits and doing well with her "mom and dad."

Daily Mail shares graphic photos of Ashley's burns.

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