Halle Berry And Emma Stone Debut Revlon Sponsored Cancer PSA

Halle Berry and Emma Stone have teamed up with cosmetics maker Revlon for its first ever public service announcement (PSA). The video was created in association with the Entertainment Industry Foundation.

The video focuses on the motto “Your Lips Can Save Lives” and speaks directly about encouraging your loved ones to schedule medical check-ups to spot cancer with early detection.

In a press release for the video, Halle Berry declares:

“We sort of did a play on how we can use our lips, while wearing lipstick, to laugh, to flirt and to spread the word about cancer, and encourage other women to do the same.”

Berry then adds:

“We can talk to the women that we love about getting screened today.”

While this may be Revlon’s first Cancer PSA, the organization has long been a champion of cancer prevention, donating $75 million since 1990 in the fight against the disease through various fundraising efforts.

Stone is also featured in a Revlon print ad with her mother, a breast cancer survivor.

Fans of the cosmetics line and supporters of cancer awareness and research can learn more by visiting Revloncares.com.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the Revlon cancer ad with short clips from both Stone and Berry:

Savvy Twitter users can read and share their own stories of early detection and cancer survival using the hashtag #PowerofLips.

Do you think more companies should get involved with early detection of cancer as Revlon has done?