Beyonce Divorce Rumors Persist As She And Jay Z Vacation In Europe

Beyonce divorce rumors have only continued since she and her family headed to Europe. The singer, husband Jay Z, and daughter Blue Ivy recently headed off on a summer getaway. Although the family has made it look as if they’re going on a fun-filled vacation, the music moguls are using this trip to “get away from it all,” reported Radar Online.

Beyonce and Jay Z have appeared to have had marital problems for quite some time. Earlier this summer, when the couple was leaving Wimbledon in London, Jay Z seemed to appear in less than good spirits. In a photograph, the rapper’s eyes veered off in one direction, while Beyonce solemnly looked down at the pavement.

Beyonce divorce rumors were sparked earlier this year when the singer released Lemonade. The singer’s album alluded to the fact that the couple might be suffering from some infidelity issues. Jay Z has allegedly been unfaithful to his wife. A Beyonce insider recently commented on the couple’s struggle to get divorced. Apparently, the singer doesn’t want to end their marriage.

“They know that everyone wants them to break up, but this has only made them stronger because Beyonce refuses to fail as a wife, or a mother.”

Although Beyonce divorce rumors have remained in the public eye, the couple has continued to vacation in Nice, France. The family insider told Radar Online that the couple will remain “on vacation for a couple of more weeks.” In fact, the couple might go as far as “renewing their wedding vows” despite all the divorce talks. Jay Z and Beyonce have had this idea for quite some time, explained the source close to the singer.

“They want to do the ceremony in their home in L.A. this coming fall.”

Beyonce divorce rumors were sparked by the release of the singer’s album Lemonade in late April. Radar Online reported in June that the singer was on a “warpath” and was “eliminating all the shady women in husband Jay Z’s life.” Another nameless Beyonce insider commented on the singer’s mission to be the only lady in her man’s life.

“Beyonce has got Jay by the balls and he’s very lucky he’s still around.”

Apparently, Beyonce has finally gained control of her husband. The insider said that while her husband had “misbehaved,” he claims that “he’ll never do it again.”

Beyonce’s divorce rumors apparently existed before the singer released Lemonade. The insider said that the artist’s creation of the album was a way to solve her marriage problems.

“She basically told him she was doing her Lemonade album to clear the air and he to, literally, face the music.”

Not only did Beyonce use her music to save her marriage, but she also “laid down the law” and gave her husband a list of rules regarding his relations with other women. The singer said Jay Z must follow them, otherwise, he’ll suffer the consequences.

Although these Beyonce divorce rumors haven’t proven true quite yet, the singer has taken steps to save her marriage.

“Beyonce made a list of all the women he’s been linked with and declared a ban on each and every one, including Rita Ora and Rachel Roy.”

The insider close to the singer said she threatened her husband to stay away from these women.

“She said she better never hear him connected with these women again.”

Apparently, Jay Z has complied with his wife’s rules.

The insider said, “Jay’s got no choice but to suck it up or he’s going to face a billion-dollar divorce.”

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