‘RHOC’ News: Vicki Gunvalson Drunk-Dials Brooks Ayers — And Even More Drama!

With so much drama in the RHOC, the latest RHOC news reports that this part of the Real Housewives franchise is going to be the most “tense” of all the shows in all the seasons!

That, at least, is according to E! News, whose recap about Monday night’s episode of RHOC suggests that there’s so much drama going on with the Real Housewives Of Orange County that it’s going to be hard to come down.

So, what all went down on last night’s episode?

On last night’s RHOC, there was a 1970s-themed party, and needless to say, it was an unmitigated disaster that, at the end of it all, resulted in a drunk-dial phone call from Vicki Gunvalson to Brooks Ayers. Of course, Brooks and Vicki ended their relationship — and all for the best — but it’s not like Vicki’s drowning in sorrow over the demise of that toxic mess.

“The best part about Brooks and I ending our relationship is that I have my daughter back 100%. If I had stayed with Brooks, Briana would have never moved back to the OC,” Vicki Gunvalson told E! News.

Not that Vicki is adjusting to this way of life too well, mind you. The poor thing freaked out after her grandson locked himself in the car. Yikes!

The cast, past and present, of The Real Housewives of Orange County. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

In other RHOC news, People Magazine is reporting that Kelly Dodd — the newest member of the OC pack — is nothing, if not completely overwhelmed, by all of the drama going on between herself and her castmates. In addition to the 1970s-themed party that ended with Vicki’s embarrassing call to her now-ex, Dodd — best known for her on-again, off-again relationship with her husband, Michael, which is nothing if not tumultuous — mentioned that the rest of the season will be just as dramatic as last night’s episode. She especially notes that there will be a lot of drama coming in Ireland, and confesses that she has no love lost for her fellow housewife, Shannon Beador.

“At the time, I felt like she was nasty and ugly. I didn’t mean she was ugly on the outside, I wasn’t talking about her personal appearance. I meant like inside – she was acting ugly,” she said.

Like the other Real Housewives franchises, there are few — if any — original cast members left on RHOC. Vicki Gunvalson is the only original cast member since the show began nearly 10 years ago, and she’s certainly gone through the most drama of all of the cast members. But if the Bravo website is anything to go by, much of the future Real Housewives news will be reserved for Dodd’s conflict with Shannon Beador. Beador, of course, has her own take on the matter, which she shared in her blog.

First, and foremost, Shannon makes clear that neither she, nor her husband David, meant for their emotions to escalate the way they did at the 1970s themed party, and despite Dodd’s claim to the contrary, she had no intention of “setting her up.” Net, Shannon goes on to explain that while David’s actions were certainly inexcusable, he wouldn’t have gone at Vicki the way he did if he hadn’t been “provoked.” Finally, she states over and over again that she finds Dodd absolutely contemptible, though last night’s episode made it just as clear as her blog.

“Kelly insulted many of my guests. Such horrendous judgment. Kelly’s mouth is mind boggling. She is so cruel,” she said.

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'RHOC' has been on the air for 10 years now. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

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