'Ghost Hunters' Returns For A Final Season on Syfy

Charlinda Robinson

Ghost Hunters was one of the first shows to take a serious look at the paranormal. Through the years, the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team introduced viewers to their unique approach to ghost hunting. Through the use of thorough investigation techniques and the latest, cutting-edge developments in technology, they wrote the book on how investigations should be conducted by paranormal researchers around the world.

Now with ten seasons under their belts, it looks as though their impressive run on the Syfy channel is coming to an end. Jason Hawes posted to his Facebook page recently that, "With heavy heart we want to inform everyone that we are choosing at this time to end our relationship with SyFy channel. Season 11 will be the last season we will do Ghost Hunters with the Syfy Channel." He went on to say that although they are ending their impressive run on Syfy, there are new plans in the works for Ghost Hunters. What that is exactly, the founder of the TAPS isn't sharing just yet.

Fans of the wildly popular series responded to his post with thousands of comments expressing their disappointment over the fact that the eleventh season of Ghost Hunters will be the last, at least on the Syfy channel. Some fans remarked that although the team conducted some ground-breaking investigations, it may be time for a fresh start for the Ghost Hunters team. Others are wondering if Ghost Hunters are perhaps contemplating moving to another network, such as Discovery's Destination America, which is quickly becoming the channel for all things (and shows) paranormal. Perhaps such a move there would make Ghost Hunter fans everywhere very happy.

For Ghost Hunter's final season, the cases are bigger than ever, and Blastr noted that during the premiere episode, titled "All Aboard the Ghost Train," that the team will be investigating Cleveland Ohio's Midwest Railway Preservation Society, which is believed to have ties to the unsolved Cleveland Torso Murderer serial case. Overall, the TAPS team will investigate rail yards, jails, museums, mansions, and much more. Besides the new investigations, there may be a few guest appearances by some famous faces, as well. Perhaps Grant will make another appearance on Ghost Hunters after leaving the show back in 2012.

Are you a fan of Ghost Hunters? What do you think about the show leaving the Syfy channel? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The eleventh season of Ghost Hunters premieres on Wednesday, August 3 at 9 p.m. ET on the Syfy channel.

[Image via Jason Hawes/Twitter]