‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Is Seduced, Jax Confronts Carly, And Jason Shares News After The Crash

General Hospital spoilers tease that Tuesday’s episode is jam-packed with action. Jason is missing after the plane crash, and Sam is desperate to find him while Franco is facing questions about the serial killings back in Port Charles. Jax is back in town, and Nina is about to interact with a mysterious stranger. What else is coming up during the August 2 show?

As viewers saw on Monday, those who were escaping Cassadine Island via the airplane were trying to collect themselves after the crash. Sam fainted again, leading many fans to speculate that she might miraculously be pregnant, but she is determined to go find Jason. However, General Hospital spoilers share that Dante will apparently tackle her to try to stop her, and Sam is not happy with this move.

Luckily, Sam will not have to go wandering through the dark woods by herself to find her love, as Jason soon returns to the crash site. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps share that Jason will have some news to share, and everybody will surely be hoping that this news is regarding a discovery that will lead everybody back home.

Lulu found some mysterious remains on the island during her escape attempt, and some belongings lead her to believe that the remains might belong to her father, Luke. Dante cautioned her not to tell Laura what she found, but she is struggling to keep this from her mother.

General Hospital spoilers note that Laura will comfort her daughter, promising Lulu that they will get through this difficult situation. There has been buzz swirling that Anthony Geary may pop up again as Luke, as nobody really believes that the character is dead. Geary hinted in the past that he would be willing to reprise the character here and there.

Back in Port Charles, Spencer will be seen making a call to Nikolas again. The last that everybody saw of Nikolas, temporarily being played by actor Nick Stabile, he had been shot and left for dead. Will Spencer manage to get a hold of his father, or will he be leaving a message? Actor Tyler Christopher has been away from the show for a while now, but he recently teased General Hospital spoilers that he hoped to be back in the role of Nikolas again very soon.

Jax showed up in Port Charles after Josslyn reached out to him, and he is pushing Carly to drop her investigation into the mysterious kidney transplant. Carly said she would let it go, but Jax knows her too well to believe that.

General Hospital spoilers share that he will plead with her to stop digging, and viewers are dying to see more of these two characters together again. In addition, Josslyn will be seen racing down the stairs at home, and she is likely excited about the news that Jax is in town. Sonny, of course, will not be quite so thrilled to learn this news.

Kristina will be opening up to Morgan about what she has been going through with Parker and Aaron, and General Hospital spoilers detail that there is more with Elizabeth, Franco, and the serial killer investigation ahead during Tuesday’s show as well. Jordan wants to search his studio, but Liz will step up and defend him as he protests Jordan’s inquiries. Ultimately, however, teasers share that he will be taken in for questioning.

Nina has been struggling with a lot of emotions in the wake of her split from Franco and his interest in Elizabeth, and viewers saw that she was startled by someone at the Metro Court during Monday’s show. General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps tease that she will end up being seduced by this mysterious man, and fans know that she is anxious for a bit of loving.

Just who is this mystery man? Celeb Dirty Laundry speculates that it may be Valentin, and it is known that he is popping up again this week. Of course, Nina’s new mystery guy may end up being someone else entirely. New General Hospital spoilers tease that as the week continues, Claudette will cross paths with Griffin, and there will be some juicy moments involving Lucy and Scott on the way as well.

How much drama will Jax stir up while he’s back in Port Charles with Carly and Josslyn? What comes next for Jason and Sam? Who is Nina meeting, and where will things head from here for Elizabeth and Franco? General Hospital spoilers detail that there are fun twists and turns on the way and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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