‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 3: Who Gets Engaged This Season? Plus Check Out All The Cast Photos [Spoilers]

Former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are gearing up for another season of Bachelor in Paradise.

While it isn’t out of the ordinary for some of the contestants to find love, reports indicate that multiple suitors will get engaged. Who will decide to tie the knot when Bachelor in Paradise returns to television?

According to Vine Report, fans will see Josh Murray propose to Amanda Stanton.

Amanda Stanton [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

Murray was not included in the initial casting announcement and is expected to join the show later in the season.

Bachelor in Paradise typically adds new blood to the show each week to spice things up and will continue that trend once again.

The contestants will be staying in Sayulita, Mexico and are set to return to the beach resort, Playa Escondida.

Fans will also reportedly see Grant Kemp pop the big question to Lace Morris. The new lovers even get matching tattoos with the word, “Grace,” a mixture of their names.

For now, it appears like Kemp’s engagement with Morris is still on, although an official wedding date has not been announced.

Grant Kemp [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]
Lace Morris [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

Apart from the engagements, a few other couples will emerge on Bachelor in Paradise.

Ashley Laconetti and Wells Adams will hit things off, as well as Nick Viall and Jen Saviano. Will either of these couples make it through the season in one piece?

Unfortunately, Laconetti and Adams reportedly break things off well before the season ends, while Viall and Saviano decide to call it quits just shy of the season finale because of long distance.

That being said, Inquisitr has previously reported that Viall and Saviano might get engaged before the end of Bachelor in Paradise.

In the official preview for the new season, Viall is shown shopping for a ring at Neil Lane.

Is this proof that Viall and Saviano get engaged? Or will they call things off at the last minute?

Nick Viall [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

While Viall’s future with Saviano is unknown, there is a possibility that Viall doesn’t fall for Saviano from the start. Who else grabs the former Bachelorette stars attention?

Apparently, Viall develops a strong bond with both Stanton and Leah Block and ends up choosing Stanton for the first rose ceremony.

Of course, things don’t work out between Viall and Stanton after Murray enters the fray. In fact, Murray quickly wins Stanton over, leaving Viall searching for another potential partner.

Eventually, Viall and Saviano connect and emerge as one of the strongest couples in the competition. However, fans will have to tune in to find out if their relationship stands after the finale.

Rumors also indicate that Evan Bass and Carly Waddell fall for each other, although it still isn’t clear how things end between them.

Evan Bass [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

As far as the other contestants are concerned, Hollywood Take is reporting that Caila Quinn and Jared Haibon get romantic.

However, Quinn decides to leave the show after episode 5 because she doesn’t want to deal with the drama. Although Haibon leaves to pursue her outside of the show, it doesn’t look like their romance survived.

Lastly, it doesn’t sound like the twins, Haley and Emily Ferguson, find love this time around.

Emily Ferguson [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

The sisters are expected to stick around until episode 4 and even go out with Brandon Andreen.

Sadly, they both decide to leave the show and hold on to their roses because they can’t find a suitable mate.

Haley Ferguson [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

With so many contestants trying to find love for the second time, it will be interesting to see if any of these reports are true and which suitors get engaged in the coming weeks.

Whatever happens, fans are definitely in for a lot of drama when Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC.

Jubilee Sharpe [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]
Daniel Maguire [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

The new season of Bachelor in Paradise premieres Aug. 2. Check out a preview below.

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]