‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2016 Spoilers: Chad Johnson Is Over The Top And Worse Than Ever — Threats, Fighting, And Awful Words

Last night, the 2016 season of The Bachelorette came to an end when JoJo Fletcher chose Jordan Rodgers as her one true love. The romance and drama are not over for the year yet, though, as Season 3 of Bachelor In Paradise will start tonight and there will be a lot of rejected names from the past come together in Mexico. One of them is the villainous Chad Johnson and he is actually a lot worse than you last saw him.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Chad lasted a mere four episodes on JoJo Fletcher’s season, and it was not surprising to see him land among those who didn’t quite make it to the end the first time around. Unfortunately, things are going to get very ugly quite quickly tonight once he arrives in Mexico.

Need more Chad? Well tune in to #TheBachelorInParadise August 2nd for full throttle #Chadageddon.

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One thing that is known is that there is going to be a lot of drunkenness going on in Mexico and that is from the entire cast. If you’ve seen any of the promos for the upcoming season of debauchery in Mexico, then it’s obvious that there is a lot of alcohol involved.

Sure, they say it’s romance, but then “Hurricane Chace” gets there and really stirs things up even more.

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Things are going to get a lot worse than someone being drunk and some horsing around. Us Weekly is reporting that Chad ends up buddying up with Daniel Maguire in Mexico and some have said they are the “first couple to hit it off” and that “Daniel and Chad love each other.”

It’s obvious that they have become good friends, but Chad still has no love for Evan Bass and he lets it known right away.

“I feel like there’s no competition. We can just kick everyone to the curb, me and Daniel. And as far as Evan goes, I didn’t murder him, so that’s good. I didn’t rip his d**k off and shove it down his own mouth. But yeah, I still kind of want to cut his head off and throw it in the water.”

Fans are going to have to tune in tonight to see if the two have any more explosive interactions like they did on The Bachelorette. One thing is certain, though, and it’s that the relationship between Chad and Lace goes from awesome to bad in a hurry.

As Inquisitr previously reported, he will get too drunk and ends up calling Lace a really “awful word” that will undoubtedly be bleeped from national television.

Bachelor in paradise 2016 season 3 spoilers Chad johnson

Reality Steve has also reported that Chad goes off on anyone and everyone associated with the show. It’s not exactly known how much will be shown on TV tonight, but he gets overly drunk and telling people they could do some not so very nice things to him and parts of his body.

All of this led to host Chris Harrison becoming fed up and actually kicking Chad off of the show and out of Mexico before anyone had a chance to send him home.

Will tonight be the end of the chaos and the last time that fans will see Chad Johnson? He may have pushed things too far, but creator Mike Fleiss knows popularity when he sees it and there could be more on the way in another season or something else entirely.

Bachelor In Paradise is quite different than The Bachelorette as it has a different format and usually much more drama. Chad Johnson is going to up that by leaps and bounds for Season 3 as he’s worse than ever, and it’s hard to believe that ABC keeps putting up with him. He will threaten Evan Bass, call one woman a horrible word, and get drunk beyond all belief to show that he hasn’t changed one bit.

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